Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Loving a Nascar Sunday

"I don't get it."

If I could count better, I would know how many times I've heard that.

"I mean it's... they just go around in a circle!"

Please, that's a tri-oval in Daytona.

"Okay. So they go around a circle, excuse me, tri-oval a few times..."

Sorry to interrupt again, but they go around 200 times.

"Fine. You watch a bunch of cars race around a track hundreds of times and call it entertaining?"

I'm not seeing the problem here.

"Whatever. Just tell me what was exciting about the Daytona 500 on Sunday. I'd settle for one thing!"

Okay, but it's big. Really big. Hot flash big.

Here goes:

1. We missed seeing the part where the sexy wives and girlfriends of the drivers pretended

to sing the national anthem.

2. We did, however, remember to turn on the t.v. as the race began.

3. None of our favorite racers wrecked.

4. Jeff Gordon did.

5. We were subjected to only one Kasey Kahne Budweiser ad.

6. And this,

our favorite car company, DODGE , had 6 cars in the final top 10.

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