Saturday, July 12, 2008

What Language Do They Speak at Tech Support?

Helloooo, 24/7 Tech Support. I have a problem.

Isn’t that wonderful! A problem!

Yes. Now my problem is that I paid for a domain name and a website but I don’t understand how to log on.

Isn’t that wonderful! A problem!

Yes, but why isn’t my log on info working?

Oh. That’s really very simple. We’re going to send you an email containing a little poem. Just translate it and you’ll have your answer! That's all you have to do.

Translate? I’m monolingual.

Isn’t that wonderful! It’s really very simple. Good luck!
Hello, Tech Support. I used babelfish and translated the poem. I still can’t log on.

Isn’t that wonderful! But we need to advice you that you should have translated the poem while dancing the tango.

Oh! The tango. Okay! I’ll give it a shot.

By the way, could we interest you in additional inaccessible accounts while we have you on the line?

Okay, Tech Support. I am dancing the tango right now and using babelfish to translate the poem. I still can’t log on.

It’s really very simple. You can only dance the tango with the director of your nearest zoo! Good-luck!

Got the zoo director in my arms, babelfish at my fingertips and tango in my feet. Still can’t log on.

Isn’t that wonderful! We can’t assist you unless you have 12 toes.

Aren’t you the company who accepted my dollars? Who told me it was very simple?

Isn’t that wonderful! By the way, what else can we sell you today?

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