Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yes, We're Great Parents. Great

We have a stream of consciousness child dwelling here: thoughts pop into his brain and out of his mouth. Most of the time the things he says are absolutely delightful, and we are grateful to have such a verbal boy. He has great control of word use and his thought processes are fun to watch. But sometimes it's not so great.

In addition to his verbal acumen, he has a keen eye and easily sees flaws. We've worked, and guided, and threatened, and punished, and still once in a while something comes out of his mouth that's simply mortifying.

Last week he observed to our teen-age neighbor girl that she had quite a mustache growing. As a matter of fact, it was so long that our son thought it was worthy of a letter to the world records people. The girl did answer with great aplomb ("Yes I do. Every person has hair growing on their upper lip, but most girls have hair that's blond. Unfortunately, mine is black.") I apologized. He apologized. His siblings apologized, but what my child said must have hurt.

I would like to think that my child learned his lesson just as I was sure he learned his lesson the time before and the one before that. But the truth is that as surely as there are people out there with quadruple chins and jiggly stomachs and odd odors emanating from their bodies, I know my boy will strike again.

His teacher from last year has made an offer to adopt my boy (most likely because she has neither the multiple chins nor jiggly stomach), but if that option falls through I am not sure what to do.

Any suggestions real or otherwise?

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