Thursday, November 20, 2008

What if Starbucks Marketed Like the Church?

Some aspects of this video made me chuckle; some parts made me squirm. I do think I'm better for having seen it though.

From Google:
If you're cross-eyed and have dyslexia can you read all right?


Anonymous said...

This was pretty funny.

Mental P Mama said...


Karen said...

It does make one think, doesnt it? We're around and around about how the world perceives the church, and what to do to reach them. Erwin McManus has been a big help to me.

Betty said...

This really make me think. Does the world look at us like this? I hope not. And if so, we need to change!

Anonymous said...

Mailers always work ya know. Oh yeah. And that raising the hand thing, hello.
I was waiting for them to hit on the "Tall is a small" thing, like, how we have our own secret language that the outside word might not get. Good video. I watched it with The Boy on my lap and we discussed it. Unfortunately now, my leg is numb and I had to kick him off to be able to comment!

WheresMyAngels said...

You know what is scary, is that some parts were so like some of the churches I have visited. Some were even like the church I belong too now.

What bothered me most was the greeters not greeting. I took a woman in a wheelchair to a church and you had to push the chair up a hill and the door was up this hill, it was so hard to open the door myself and push her in. Glass doors and all the people, looking, not once helping. So the first time, I thought, it was just a mishap. Then three more times of it happening, we stopped going back.

My first 24 years of life, was brought up in a close knit very small country church. It was very personable. Now I belong to a large three congregation church and sometimes it is so overwhelming. I feel like those people in this video at times. My daughter love the church and that is good. My old church is three hours away, so I can only make it once a year if that.

Jeannelle said...

Well, I'm still in that close-knit country church like mentioned in the comment above, so I've not experienced the mega church atmosphere as alluded to in the video. Some in my old-fashioned Lutheran synod rail against the mega-church culture, and probably with good reason. Good & thought-provoking, caution.