Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fragments: Interviewing...Me

What is your recipe for quick cleaning of the kitchen?  Play "I Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me" by the Osbourne Brothers on YouTube so many times that the rest of the family leaves the house and then the messy kitchen doesn't matter so much anymore.

How long now has your nephew been waiting for his high school graduation gift?  Just two years because I so strive for promptness.

How was that first batch of ribs done in the electric smoker?  A little tough, but smelling them while they cooked was a pure gift from Heaven.

What is next for the smoker?  I'm supposed to use it more than once?! 

Your greatest suprise this week?  My daughter has called me for a ride home from the bus stop almost every day this school year.  It's a half mile away. She is now willingly walking and I was delighted in her quest for exercise.  Wonder what motivated that?  Two young men who get off at the same stop. 

How many more family devotionals do you have to write for Sunday school this year? Three: Timothy, John, and a review of the New Testament (how's that for narrow topics?)

Have you picked out your children's spouses?  Of course. Doesn't everyone have that done by the end of elementary school?

Do you want to share a happiness that might be misconstrued as bragging?  This week, after the first night of class, 13 of the 28 students sent me emails saying how much they enjoyed the class.  The point here is how absolutely thoughtful it was of those students to take the time to write and how long I'll treasure their words. And no, Checkered, I don't suppose for one minute that they are all apple polishers.

Where are you headed this summer?  Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  Want to meet me for lunch for the two hours I'll be in each state?

IF you qualify, go here:\

What site do you visit every Friday (and Thursday and Wednesday and...)?
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Busy Bee Suz said...

You are the Barbara Walters of blog interviewers.
I love this...of course you made me laugh, you always do.
I wish you would visit Florida this summer, even if it was for only an hour. :0
Have a great weekend!

Aging Mommy said...

Yes, another great roundup of the week and again my favorite post. You have a great knack for making these snippets of every day life into winsome, very readable stuff. I love it. I knew before I got past the first couple of lines why your daughter was now happily walking home - seems there will be a lot of extra-curricular activity this summer in your neighborhood!

Betty said...

I love your FF´s! You make them so interesting and funny.
Yes, I had the partners for my daughters ready too... Too bad it doesn´t work out that way!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

FUNNY! I am here from Java's blog. Have a great weekend!

Java said...

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I am now following you! What a great blog you have! I can’t wait to read more!

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Hope you have a great weekend

Grandma J said...

I'm clearing my calendar for your 2 hour visit to Texas!