Friday, July 30, 2010

Tennessee Sojourn

My travel companions and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Volunteer state, even though we're not sure what it looks like there. You see, for us the visit was all about family.  We lovelovelove my sister and her family and haven't ever lived closer to them than a full three-day drive.  Now they're just nine hours away!!
No, we do not travel by shopping cart, but yes, it is a good workout for Checkered.

Apart from having every.single.thing in common with their cousins, my boys are mighty fond of their uncle.  It doesn't take too many war video games to begin believing that the military is where all the heroes are.  Thank goodness, there's one in our family.

Uncle Hero helped one young man acquire the proper uniform and assisted him in the perfection of a salute.

It was unfortunate that my young soldier learned too late that his uncle out-ranks him by 14 levels.

Tears gathered in all our eyes as our brief reunion ended and we headed west.  Thank - you, Army, for bringing our relatives closer to us.

Next on the vacation agenda: an IRL blogger meeting and a wedding (but not a wedding with a blogger - lest anyone be concerned.)


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Are you on your way to MPMs????? I am sooooo jealous. BTW, thank that Hero Uncle for us, will you?