Monday, August 23, 2010

He is Going to Be Such a Good Husband

I have to tell you that I love Michigan Bulb.  I've long-read their catalogues, but this year was the first time I gave in and ordered.  Their service was quick and when my hibiscus refused to grow, their customer support was everything it should have been: professional, kind, and most helpful.  The replacement hibiscus plants have grown quickly and beautifully.


My first-born son is the sweetest teenager on the Earth.  He is the one who offers his grandma his arm when we are visiting and walking to the car.  He is the one who tells me that I look pretty.  He is the one who couldn't think of the single thing to request for his 13th birthday, and never once complained that he was miserably sick on that big day.  He is a thoughtful, gentle boy.


This week-end, he saw some work which needed to be done and he did it.  He fixed the toilet :)  He went grocery shopping with me and carried in and put away all the groceries :)  And he pulled an enormous weed up from the side of the house :)


You already know what this paragraph is going to say?  Right?  Yep.  He pulled up my hibiscus.  Pulled really hard to sever the roots cleanly.  And he is so sweet that he fessed up when he heard us blaming the rabbits.  He was absolutely mortified. 


Do you suppose Michigan Bulb will cover that replacement?


Mental P Mama said...

Awwww. What a good boy. Just like his parents;)

claudia said...

All around grat youn man. there should be lots more like him in this world.
He can come and pull my weeds any time!

Karen Deborah said...

I love your blog look! I have a gazillion weeds does he travel?

The Incredible Woody said...

What an outstanding young man!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh...funny.
He is a special guy, even if he can't garden. :)

Aging Mommy said...

What's a hibiscus plant here and there in comparison to such a wonderful son. Can I just lay first claims on behalf of my daughter for the future - I'll make sure and train her to watch over his gardening activities :-)

That corgi :) said...

what a sweetheart he is!! makes you (almost) forget what he did with the hibiscus, LOL, but I'm sure you forgave him (relatively) soon :) he does seem like a gem of a son!


jojo said...

how funny, we both have a 'bulb' post today!

your boy is a keeper!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

I'm swooning already!

Anonymous said...

He would be perfect for my daughter!

Kirby3131 said...

I used to order from Michigan Bulb (when I lived in Michigan as a matter of fact!) but Oh, No! That's sad and funny!! Sounds like you do have a great kid. Congrats :) Your family is blessed, that's for sure.