Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Bad Do

I went to someone new for my last haircut. I was really delighted before the appointment because the salon was close to home and I got an immediate appointment for a Saturday (no, I've never been good at seeing red flags.)

The appointment arrived and I fairly skipped into the salon because I love getting my hair cut. Some women drink, dance, acquire lovers. I get my hair cut.

During the course of the appointment, she pretended to cut my hair while telling me that she didn't like:

my dark roots

her husband's ex-wife

our neighborhood school

my dark roots


her old landlord

her old plumber

her current plumber

any plumber

my dark roots.

After spending 15 minutes pretending to cut my hair, she put on her extra 12 arms and hands and turned on her Katrina force hair dryer. For the next 10 minutes, I held tightly to the chair as her hands pulled and swirled my hair.

Then out came the  gaggle flock den tribe case of hairspray cans. Each was emptied onto my hair and we were done. I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger; a sad, confused odd looking stranger looking back at me.

Feeling shaky (that's a lot of hairspray to carry around) and confused (that's a lot of hairspray to breathe) , I headed over to my son's basketball game.

I learned that day that there are some benefits to a bad do:

Extra cargo room - When I realized that my hair had not moved for the last hour, I decided to take advantage of it. With coats and phones and toy soldiers to carry and no more arm space to give, I decided to put my car keys in my hair just to have someplace to carry them. Those keys never moved and made it safely all the way to my car.

Immediate anonymity - No one would make eye contact with me. Even my sweet and supportive husband said the do looked okay, but his face froze while he said it and that was the dead giveaway. I'm sure the anonymity was the result of the do and had nothing whatsoever to do with the keys lounging in my hair.


Open communication with my children - "Are you going to wash it right away?" "Wow! It's!" "Mommy, are you in there somewhere?" "I still love you even looking that way."

SO, I'm thinking it was the best money I ever spent to have my hair rearranged. I just don't come across bargains like that every day!

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