Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blog Love Lost

This blog and I aren't speaking right now. It's very tense around here.

Things were okay Friday, and then the week-end just threw us off balance. It started with a difference of opinion, and my feelings got really hurt. I stewed for a while, then I trash-talked the blog to Checkered.

The next thing I knew the blog refused to properly load images. By that point, I was steamed and said things I'll regret later.

Then the time change happened and was brutal on us. It didn't help one bit that we had to be at church an entire hour earlier than usual this morning so that Kahne could practice a small program with his class. But the earlier time felt okay when Kahne successfully said his scripture verse in front of the entire congregation. Yeah, Kahne! Yes, sir. This oh so shy boy walked right up to the mic and spoke his personal translation clearly:

"I was happy when they said let's go to God's house by Psalm 122."

The blog and I had a long talk this afternoon and have decided to separate for the day and cool off. So, the blog has moved out of the house for a little while. We're waiting to hear back from a mediator.

With help and some chemistry between us, we hope to work things out sometime tomorrow and be back under the same roof with images to share.

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