Wednesday, July 2, 2008

His New Kindergarten Vocab

I truly believe in public school. My kids seem to glean so much outside info from our local schools that we never would approach at home, but sometimes it's not so beneficial, though. We are seeing it even more clearly this year now that Kahne has started kindergarten.
Last week he emerged from the bus and announced, "I know what the "A" word is, but I am NEVER going to say it!!"
I stammered, told him I was sorry that he knew such a rude word, but that it was good he had made a responsible decision about it. Even as I was congratulating him, he over-spoke me to say,
"But what I really want to know is what the "F" word is!!!!"
Oooohhhh. He is only 5!!! His mind is still pure!!! So without any thought on my part, I replied,
"I think it's fat."
His face fell. "It is? Really? Awwww! I told my friend it was frozen yogurt!"

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