Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's Probably Not His Teacher's Fault

Sometimes he's smart! Really! Then again, here is my six year old's version of the American Revolution:
The British thought Texas was an island, and that's why they got lost on their plane ride to Texas. That made the Chinese feel REALLY sorry for the British.
The Americans wore red jackets.
The Chinese wanted the red jackets, but got angry when they found out the jackets were "betatched" to the Americans' shirts.
The Chinese wanted the red jackets to give to the British to make them feel better about the Texas/island thing.
That started the war.
The Americans had good bb guns, but were outshot by the Chinese, who had bombs.
The Chinese had an unfair advantage because they had a wall to hide behind.
We're not really sure who won the war. We do know, however, that the American boss (Abraham Lincoln) gave the Americans a trophy.
Hitler did not attend the party after the war.

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