Thursday, July 3, 2008

Organic or Not?

I am conflicted in multiple ways. Because there are so many wiser and clear-thinking people in the blogoshere, I've decided to share some of these conflicts with you in the hopes that you will help me unconflict. Deal?

Today's conflict revolves around organic consumer products.

When I first became aware of consumer foods, I really thought they were just another gimmick designed to separate me from my paycheck. I thought that organic was synonymous with designer, synthetic, belonging to the "rich" part of town just like the full-size Hummers and the brand new Jaguars. (Hey, when did the pronunciation of that car change from Jag-waar to Jag-u-ar??)

Then, much to my chagrin, these same organic products began to be sold under store brand labels. Now I can buy Kroger organic butter, Kroger organic milk, Kroger organic whatever. Unfortunately, these organic store brands are still more expensive than the non-organic store brands.

Here is my limited knowledge of organic: I know it means that the product was farmed/made/grown without the use of chemicals. I also know that some of these growth hormones and other chemicals are wreaking havoc with children's growth and development, so organic milk and meats (and eggs?) make sense to me. I also know that Checkered's cousin was going to transition her farm to an organic farm, but couldn't find enough local distributors to justify her costs. I guess that means that any organic product is going to cost me more.

This week I saw organic cotton pajamas at the store. There were also organic cotton sheets. The packaging told me that I would love their softness and natural comfort, but do I really need organic pajamas? Maybe the rule would be that if I am ingesting it, organic is good?

What is your opinion of organic products? Do you buy organic food products? If so, what? Do you buy organic non-food products?

If you could help un-conflict me, I would be most appreciative.

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