Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We Never Have Enough School Breaks

I'm sad. My children returned to school today after a week-long school break. They've been exhausted, and quite honestly, I don't know how they made it this long without a break. After all, it has been FOUR long weeks since their TWO week Christmas break. And in that never-ending month of school, they had only ONE in-service, no school day and ONE snow day. My heart broke for them. Unfortunately, it's another SIX weeks until their week-long spring break. I wouldn't be a kid again for anything!

To be honest, I've lost patience with the parents who complain that our district is too liberal with the days off. Honestly! It's not like I they sit around all day in pajamas or playing video games.
Here just a sampling of how my gifted children spent their break.
This is a creative use of an entire roll of paper towels. It's obviously a shelter from the difficult weather elements in our living room
And here is just one of the many new fires hazards they've invented this week alone. Be sure to notice the rolled up paper on the light bulb. Look closely and you can see the mirror used to enhance the light:
And this is an artistic and creative new floor covering design. Don't look too closely at this one.
And lest he be left out of the creativity boom around here, Ben the Beagle shows off his medical advances in suture removal:
You've got to admit that none of this creativity would have occured had school been in session. Thank-you, neighborhood school, for the brain boost aka Mid-Winter Break!

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