Wednesday, July 2, 2008

God's Love in Action

In a few weeks, I will post Stewart's miraculous story. It's a story of God's faithfulness in sparing Stewart's life and of a miraculous healing which took place over several years. Until that post, here is another way to get to know our very precious son. This essay is one he wrote explaining a good deed he did and what he learned from it. The words are entirely his.

I am 10 years old. I spent seven years in speech. People used to tease me because of the way I said words and because I have something called Duane’s Syndrome. That means that my eyes don’t always look like they’re moving together. I know how it feels to be teased, so I always noticed how people could hurt someone else by saying one small thing.

Last year in one of my classes, my buddy was teased because he couldn’t pronounce some words when he was reading. A teacher said that if he couldn’t pronounce the words in his homework, he didn’t do it himself. But I knew why he couldn’t say them because I’ve been there before. I couldn’t say words because of my speech problem and he couldn’t say words because he had reading difficulties. I could see his eyes get wet and his face looked miserable.

When we got back to our regular classroom, I asked my teacher if we could talk in private. I told her about what happened to my buddy and how it made me remember when I was teased. She told me that she would speak to the other teacher and that she could see right into my heart. She said I had a wonderful heart.

I don’t know what ever happened with the other teacher, but I do know I learned something about myself. I learned that if I speak up, I can make life better for someone else. That is something that I will remember even when I’m an adult.

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