Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How Sharp Is That Noggin' of Yours?

Think you have Thanksgiving smarts? Take the test (source:

1. In what year did the first American Thanksgiving celebration take place? A. 1900 B. 1492 C. 1621 D. 1776 Correct answer: C 1621

2. Where was the first American Thanksgiving celebration held? A. Plymouth, Massachusetts B. New York, New York C. Jamestown, Virginia D. Boston, Massachusetts Correct answer: A Plymouth, Massachusetts

3. How many Pilgrims were on board the Mayflower? A. 89 B. 102 C. 185 D. 219 Correct answer: B (it is believed to be 102)

4. The Native Americans who were invited to the first Thanksgiving feast belonged to the Wampanoag tribe. Who was the chief of this tribe? A Squanto B Samoset C Cheyenne D Massasoit Correct answer: D Massasoit

5. How long did the first Thanksgiving celebration last? A. One day B. One week C. Three days D. Four days Correct answer: C Three days (the celebration consisted of games as well as food)

6. Which of the following were considered acceptable table manners at the First Thanksgiving? A. To spit on the ground B. To throw bones into the hearth C. To eat with your hands D. All of the above Correct answer: D All of the above

7. Which drink was brought along in the Mayflower? A. Wine B. Beer C. PiƱa Coladas D. Soda Correct answer: B Beer

8. In 1621, which of the following foods was probably not served? A. Pumpkin pie B. Yams C. Vegetables D. Corn Correct answer: A Pumpkin pie (they did not have ovens yet to bake pies)

9. In 1863, this person encouraged Abraham Lincoln to set aside the last Thursday in November as a "day for national thanksgiving and prayer." A. Martha Hale B. Betsy Ross C. Sarah Josepha Hale D. Sarah Lee Correct answer: C Sarah Josepha Hale
10. What does the term "Cornucopia" mean? A. Corn husks B. Horn of plenty C. A Greek god D. A traditional corn dish Correct answer: B Horn of plenty

11.True or False: Thanksgiving is only celebrated in the United States. False: Canada also celebrates a Thanksgiving Day.

12. Approximately how many feathers does a mature turkey have? A. 500 B. 1,000 C. 3,500 D. 4,000 Correct answer: C 3,500 feathers

13. Which state produces the most turkeys annually? A. Alabama B. North Carolina C. Missouri D. Arkansas Correct answer: B North Carolina

14. Approximately what percentage of American homes eats turkey on Thanksgiving? A. 90% B. 75% C. 50% D. 30% Correct answer: A 90%

15. In English, turkeys say "gobble gobble." What do turkeys say in Portuguese? A. Cluck Cluck B. Groo Groo C. Gluglugluglu D. Krull Krull Correct answer: C Gluglugluglu

16. Where was the turkey first domesticated? A. Brazil B. Mexico and Central America C. Asia D. China Correct answer: B Mexico and Central America

17. The Greek goddess of corn is: A. Ceres B. Cornucopia C. Demeter D. Grainoph Correct answer: C Demeter

18. How fast can wild turkeys run? A. 15 mph B. 55 mph C. 5 mph D. 25 mph Correct answer: D 25 mph

19. Which country consumes the most turkey per year per capita? A. United States B. Israel C. Mexico D. Germany Correct answer: B Israel


Cairo Typ0 said...

I knew fewer of those than one might hope. *shame*

Anonymous said...

I love that kind of thing and I even knew some of the answers ... not bad for an old guy many years displaced from school.

Thanks for stopping by my new blog.

Cool Breeze

Mrs4444 said...

I did quite well, but I have to admit that being a teacher of Social Studies (in past years) was an advantage. I've enjoyed learning history, now that I'm old enough to have made some :)

Anonymous said...

We don't have Thanksgiving in Europe ... well, that's my excuse anyway!

Big Hair Envy said...

Wild turkeys can run 25 mph??? Who knew?

Mental P Mama said...

Now I'm all hungry.

Checkered said...

Alright. Cut the chatter. Let's get cooking!

Dr.John said...

I didn't get many right. I even missed the number of feathers and we raised turkeys and I got to soak an remove the feathers. But I never cxounted them. It seemed like a million.

Julie said...

thanks, I am going to ask people at thanksgiving meal... fun fun

Anonymous said...

I did fairly well. An interesting little history lesson.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I actually did okay, a few were just guesses(but they count)hehe!! It figure tho, it's a holiday I associate with lots of great food (my favorite holiday).