Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Caution's Crash Landing

These are the chairs in the classrooms where I teach this term. They may be covered in bajillions of germs, but they're comfortable.

But sometimes these little adjustment thingies stick and the chairs get locked into uncomfortable positions.

Some are stuck down so low the students have trouble writing at the desk.

Some are stuck leaning forward so far that students have to sit on the edge of the seat.

And some are just crooked.
And one time last semester, when the teacher sat down on one, it broke right of its base and teacher and chair crashed to the floor. The teacher and students were so shocked that no one could move. Eventually, after the laughter abated, the teacher asked the students if anyone had taken a picture of her on the floor. No one admitted to it. Then again, they never admit to texting during class even though they obviously are. So if you ever see the video of me on YouTube, let me know, okay?


Sue said...

I guess it is worth getting to your class early to get a good chair and a good view!

I know I haven't been here in a week or so, but I love the new background!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am cracking up. I would have taken a pic and admitted it!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh...that is too funny. Sorry, it is.

going to you tube right now!!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Hahahah! Might want to search through Flickr or something too! ;-) My mom has a chair like that at her office, and of course I always manage to sit in it and go for a ride!

Double Wide Mom said...

Guess there's a good reason you're blog focuses on CAUTION! Glad you weren't hurt. You weren't were you? Got you a little award over at my place. Happy St. Pat's Day!

Grandma J said...

Oh no! I can just see that YouTube now.

You have to petition your school to get the newer mesh chairs. Make it a health issue.

Happy St Patrick's Day, because I know this can't be April Fool's Day

Mental P Mama said...

Coffee on the keyboard. I am heading over to YouTube now;)

The Incredible Woody said...


Nancy C said...

If those were in my middle school classroom, half my class would be in traction.

Nezzy said...

Your awkward little chairs remind me of my Special Ed. students I had before I retired. Each a little different but still functional in their own right. Heeeheehe!

Have a wonderful day sweetie!!!

Betty said...

LOL! We have chairs like that in my office too! Hate when that happens.... :)

Beth said...

That's how I broke my tailbone a few years ago (it's never been the same since). I sat down, the chair tipped forward and dumped me unceremoniously, and painfully, onto the floor while the chair, which was on wheels, flew in the opposite direction! :) A picture might have been funny though I wouldn't have thought so at the time!

Very glad you don't have a broken tush as a postscript to this cute tale! :)

Melissa B. said...

I've been in a similar, silly situation. I have problems with the adjustment thingys, too!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

No you didn't.
Yes you did?
You're my new hero.

Matty said...

I like your round-a-bout way of getting to the "bottom" line.

kim-d said...

Sorry, but...BWAHAHAHAHA! Now I don't feel quite so bad about the time I sat down on a folding chair on a porch and one leg of it went off the edge of the porch, dumping me, quite unceremoniously, backwards into the bushes. With lots of people, none of whom I knew real well, watching. And I'm fat. Plus, I kind of hurt myself but I didn't want to let on and call even more unwanted attention to myself. LOVELY! :P

I never even thought about YouTube; if my gracefulness is recorded there somewhere, I don't even want to know!

Mads and Kelli said...

I could do some serious learning in a comfy chair! WAY better than those plastic things in most classrooms that crack and then pinch your bottom!

Mrs4444 said...

OMG-That's hilarious. I can hardly stop laughing, seriously. Pure awesomeness, right there.

Worse than that, though, was what I witnessed at Kyle's last swim meet at home. A rather "large" man was sitting on a metal folding chair when it did the splits beneath him! Seriously--the legs just bent under the strain. I LMAO (inside).