Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Friday

I don't know where my blog went yesterday, but I do know I felt completely bereft when I saw that notice. Trying to find a missing blog isn't as easy as one may think.  There are four "simple" steps, but many times (as in my case) the link for step 2 is missing.  Ironically enough, I was cited for excessive posting!!  How my blog returned is a mystery, but I am SO HAPPY TO BE BACK!!

We are about to embark on our last "normal" week-end of summer break.  I suppose that means I will take a break from nagging the boys to go outside or call a friend.  All summer, I've determined that if they don't want to be outside, then they will be kept busy inside.  They've learned to cut the grass, to clean the house, and to fix some things.  If you need some screens repaired, give them a call!

Anyone know what these are?

 I do know I saw them in a catalog. I do know that I ordered them.  I do know I planted them.  But I can't remember what they are!

My middle boy took his sister to "Take a friend to karate night."  He deemed her chosen outfit unsuitable and made her wear bigger clothing!  There's a lot to be said for the wisdom of younger brothers.

Last week-end I decided to surprise my husband by painting the biggest wall in our kitchen.  The first color looked only faintly yellow.  Not good.  The second color looked fantastic at Lowes and then perfectly glaring once I painted (the picture fails to show the harshness.)  I will not repaint until I finish redoing the cabinets and counter tops.  I guess that means we will have to live with that color for a few years!

Now I'm off to laugh as my youngest son makes fun of Stevie Nicks, to listen to my middle boy as he attempts to teach himself some Russian phrases, to help my oldest boy pack for his first Order of the Arrow Ordeal, and to let my daughter practice her driving.  May the Lord be with us all.

After fighting to get my blog back, I won't complain too much that I can't get Mrs. 4444's widget to work.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I probably should learn from this

His dad and older brother returned home from a couple of days of hiking.  They hobbled about comically and talked of aches and pains and counted their mosquito bites.  We listened and shared our own adventures.

Then the teen-aged daughter left to spend time with a friend she hasn't seen in a ....week!
The middle boy headed off to try to sneak in a video game even though they are banned on Sundays.
I began to think about dinner and the start of the semester.

But what about the youngest boy?
What did he do?

He rubbed his daddy's feet.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who has time for spell check?

Many of us have benefited from  enjoyed  been embarrassed by the auto correct programs on our smart communication devices.  These programs were designed to save us from ourselves.  While sending a text or posting to a social networking site, and our smart phones/tablets will automatically substitute a word they "know" for a word we've typed that they don't recognize.  Sometimes it saves us; sometimes it hangs us out to dry.  My most recent auto spell gaffe was a simple text wherein I tried to convey that someone's maiden name was Booker.  If you've been a victim of auto correct, you know the message the phone actually sent, so I shouldn't even bother to type it.

But I will. This is the message my phone sent and that I did NOT catch until it was too late. "She used to be a hooker."

Laugh but you know you've been there, too. How do I know that?  I've seen your texts and posts on Facebook.  So we're even.

But I am pretty sure that my students don't compose their essays on their phones and most don't use tablets. So it was on an old fashioned PC or Mac that they composed these gems which they then submitted for a grade in my composition classes.  And grade them, I did.  I used to circle the mistakes and draw a smiley face, but then I realized that many of the authors didn't see the mistake even then.

So I will now save them for you.  Enjoy the summer session submissions! [I'll even translate them for you.]

"I was sad when I lost my part urinal grandfather. Then I lost several more part urinal uncles." [paternal]

"Me and my dad didn't always have a good relationship.  Now we have agreed to a cretin relationship." [certain]

"When my mom broke her arm, she had to have a big sergey on them. That was really painful." [surgery]

"We should stop blaming teachers when kids don't do good in school. I believe one of the biggest problems for kids is having elaterid parents." [illiterate]

And for an alarming statistic :

"Breastfeeding is illegal in 57 U.S. states." [Who knew?]

The new term begins on Monday, and I can't wait.