Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Was the Point of the Night Anyway?

We joined some neighborhood families last week-end in the big city. It was baseball night! Nothing more exciting than a beautiful, fairly new ball park.

What impressed my kids?

Was it the artistry?

Was it the 2 million steps we climbed to get to our seats?

Was it the 10 million degree weather or the gorgeous sunset that followed?

How about the cool score board and tiger with glowing eyes?

Was it our seats that were this close to the scoreboard?
Was it the fountains or the excitement of being in the one nice downtown area?
Was it being with friends?
Maybe it was those Little Caesars $5 pizzas selling for $14.50?
Or the amazing fireworks show at the end?
Could it be the rides within the park?
Perhaps it was the drunk lady who lost her balance and baptized me in her beer and then showed all those innocent cub scouts a side of the moon they had never before seen?
What my children took away from their night at the ball park was the image of the homeless man singing and dancing and asking for money. They didn't feel pity. They didn't feel compassion. They didn't feel even a twinge of responsibility. What they did feel was something akin to giggles at his silly song. And now my 6 year old has been singing the same song.
We had a fantastic night at the park. But someone mentioned that there was baseball being played while we there! I have no idea what they are talking about.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hummm typical of people under the age of 25...they catch the really important stuff... sorry to hear about the beer bath and moon! ack... I have heard somewhere some time that beer is a good conditioner for the hair but for the life of me I would not be able to get past the smell... to me beer just stinks.
Happy Thursday!

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Was the Keeper at that game? Sorry to hear you had to be put through that, although it did make great blogging material. That's why I find it best to stay in my seat at a game and let the beer come to me.

Mental P Mama said...

At least you came away with a great story!

Kaye Butler said...

We have the Red Birds in Memphis, I've never been to a game, but some of my family has and all the kids could talk about was...the rides at the ball park.

Thanks for commenting on my site...hope you return...

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Ahhh...the City! Your post brings back some faint memories...

Now the mooning I remember from the last time I saw my Dad. Do some people just have extra long cracks or are their pants really too low? Something to ponder.

Julie said...

Thanks for coming by Hungary and visiting me today! I really enjoyed this blog post and it is fun that recently they have been showing some American baseball games over here and in english, not dubbed. It isn't the same as going to the ballpark. I pray one summer we are home to take our boys, I know they would love it!

So do you have lyrics for the homeless man's song? Ha ha

Jeannelle said...

Well, it is fun to just go someplace and watch people, and watch people watching people!