Monday, October 20, 2008

Being It is Fun

How very sweet when someone I've never "met" thinks I deserve a little something. Thank-you, Miss Peach, for this sweet little surprise.

It does, of course, come with conditions. If I answer these questions, does it get me out of sending a formal thank-you??
1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?
No. We made a couple of big moves during my childhood and that is what I shall blame, thereby taking no personal responsibility.
2. What do you value most about your friends?
That they choose to sit by me even if other people are around. We're deep like that.

3. Are your friends your sounding boards?
Yes, and just so they don't feel pressured, everyone else with whom I have contact during the day also is drafted as a sounding board.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?
Talkinglaughing. (If it's written as one word, it counts as one item = an old English teacher rule)
List 5 things under the following headers:

10 years ago:
Size 8

5 things on today's "To do" list:
Pull Pepper the puppy around the block,
Funeral visitation for Checkered's beloved aunt,
Make an apple pie,
Grade 56 essays and 28 quizzes,
Sell our travel trailer
5 snacks that I enjoy:
chocolate ice cream,
Cherry Cordial ice cream,
plain banana splits
upside down banana splits
right side up banana splits
(When does the Dairy Maid reopen???)

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Fully fund my children's higher education, currently non-existent savings accounts,
Buy the house next door and move my parents into it,
Run for the local school board,
Fully fund a program for hungry children through a missions organization,
Fret about money.
5 places I have lived:
5 cutting-edge, uber exciting jobs that I have had:
receptionist at Chemlawn,
legal secretary,
library clerk,
ESL teacher,
English professor


Julie said...

that was fun to read... sorry about all those essays and quizes you have to grade... that is a lot of reading...

Mental P Mama said...

Now all I can think of is a banana split. And how much I need one.

Pancake said...

That was fun to read, sorry about the loss of you auntie..... and grading those essays

Dr.John said...

I guess I came to look at just the right time since now I know a little about you.
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate.

Unknown said...

I got the chills when I was thinking about the ice cream as they still have the air conditioning on in my office at it is barely 60 degrees outside. I love ice cream!!!

This was great fun to read.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

you are welcome my friend :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading that! I hope that my husband and daughter don't read this post today....if they do, I will have to stop and buy ice cream on the way home!

Sorry about the loss in your family.

Anonymous said...

10 years ago = size 8, I laughed out loud. Hello. That's my life too. Well, maybe not ten years ago. But the sentiment is the same. And the Old English rule, I totally use that one also. You amuse me. We are kindred spirits for sure.

Anonymous said...

Coming by through SITS! And I am going through an ice cream thing right now myself! Congrats on the award!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Banana splits, apple pies and good friends?! Sounds like a winner of a combo to me!