Monday, October 13, 2008

The Candidates Who Matter Most to Me

Despite their mother's inherent dislike of elections and her fear that one brother would win and one would lose, two boys from this house ran for Student Council. 
Candidate 1:
His speech:
My name is ****. I do not lie.

If you’re looking for a council member, I’m your guy.

I’ll be at every meeting without fail
And I’ll tell you what went down to last detail.

I’ll keep you informed of all the stuff.
Ask me for the truth; I’ll never bluff.

I’ll sell Valentine suckers to our class first,
And I’ll get you a drink if they cause thirst.

I’m a go-to guy if you need a friend.
I’ll stand by you till the very end.

We have a great teacher, I have to say.
Don’t you love how Mrs. **** gives us time to play?

I’m a scout. I’m a pal. A hockey goalie, too.
But let me say this and then I’m through.

Please vote for me for the council this year.
I’ll be a good rep. I hope that is clear.

Candidate 2:

His speech:
When I was just a baby at my parents’ knee

I learned a lot of things as you will see.

I learned how to walk, laugh, and tell the truth,
I learned what to do with a wiggly tooth.

I learned what’s good and polite and right,
And I learned how to talk instead of fight.

I learned it’s important to always think
And when something’s not fair, to make a stink.

To be a student council guy
The representative must not be shy.

They must be clever and kind of fun,
And have ideas that have never been done.

Instead of just suckers, we could sell cookies, too
We could add all sorts of new things to do.

I have lots of new plans for our school
Maybe we could even install a really big pool.

Vote for ****.
I’m the one who will get it done.

Their relieved mother is proud to announce that BOTH boys won their elections !!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

how cool is that! did they write their own speeches? those are very cool!

Mental P Mama said...

How adorable are they???? Well done!

Unknown said...

Big congratulations to both of your boys. What wonderful young men you are raising.

Julie said...

that is so cool! I love the pictures!!! So adorable

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Neat! And my, my, my aren't they handsome in their ties!

Julie said...

hi, please email me so I have your address...and I can tell you what I am thinking about the book so far... and I would love to share with you because I am trying to figure out what I want to say in a way that clearly shares how I feel and not just randomly post. I don't think the book is for young girls and I am not sure how I feel about it for me. I am going to read the second book tonight and probably finish by tomorrow or Wed and I will have even more to discuss with you. I can tell you all in the email... julie(dot)anderson(at)ccci(dot)org

Rechelle said...

Did they run against each other??? Ethan ran for STUCO this year. We had a lot of fun writing his speech, but sadly, it did not rhyme. It did however contain the time honored line of "If you vote for me... all your wildest dreams will some true". I wonder if he will be able to keep that promise?

As Cape Cod Turns said...

YAY boys!!!! Can I write them in for President too?

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Hi-I am wandering around blogs, and found you! I would vote for both of them-they are so cute! I also read your bully article-my oldest son has a boy who is a strong personality who wants everyone to do what he wants and makes fun of those who don't. I got a call today (from another parent) that my passive, quiet son was the one who stood up to him today... You never know. However, involve the teachers and admin. As a former teacher, I would not tolerate bullying. ever.

joanne said...

Congratulations! My what handsome sons you have ;) And I can tell what a proud mama you are...

Big Hair Envy said...

Congratulations Caution Sons!! You certainly clean up well...Have the girls started calling the house yet??