Thursday, December 11, 2008

15 Reasons for 15 Years

1. I love the way your hand feels when it touches my face.
2. I love sitting next to you in church.
3. I love how our eyes meet in social situations and we never have to say a word to communicate.
4. I don't understand it, but I love how you get such satisfaction from cleaning out a drawer.
5. I love how you can fix anything.
6. I love how you love our kids.
7. I love how kind you are to my sisters and my parents.
8. I love that you share my passion for all things ice cream.
9. I love how hard you worked to get those degrees.
10. I love how you don't mind indulging my desire to be chauffeured around town.
11.I love how you don't mind if I watch Mystery Diagnosis in bed (okay, you do, but you're nice about it.)
12.I love that you didn't laugh when I wanted to learn to do one chin-up, but bought me a chin-up bar instead.
13. I love that you care enough to fret about how we're going to pay for our kids' college tuition.
14. I love how you make me laugh.
15. I love how you tell me multiple times every single day, "I love you."

Let's have just as much fun during the next 15 years!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

What sweet love.... Happy anniversary... and heres to many more than 15 more :D

MsTypo said...

That's sweet. :) :) Happy anniversary! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary... that is so sweet!

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many, many more!!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Happy Anniversary to an obviously Happy couple!

Dr.John said...

Happy anniversary. I hope your husband gets to read what you have written. He is one lucky fellow.

Anonymous said...

Words don't adequately describe what my wife means to me. She has helped me and us to become so much more than I ever dreamed. Happy anniversary, angel!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

You know, everything on that list is so sweet, but the one I can't get past is that he ENJOYS CLEANING SOMETHING OUT!!!!! You are one lucky lady:)

Sandra said...

What a charming list. Happy Anniversary!

joanne said...

That's so sweet...May you be blessed with many, many more. Happy Anniversary ;)