Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fragments

With a nod to Mrs. 4444, here we go:
1~ the tilde is my favorite new accent mark.
2~my 9 year old asked why I didn't invite all his friends to watch him be born.
3~our new family doctor is so very pretty and sweet and tall that Checkered is never again allowed to get sick.
4~I quite enjoy the show, The Closer, but is Brenda Johnson's accent true Atlantan? I think not.
5~Some of you make a mighty fine Shepherd's Pie ~ and you know who you are!
6~My 6 year old becomes my 7 year old this week-end and is having his very first birthday party. A big step for such a shy, shy guy.
7~We are having a pinata (why can't I use a tilde on that word??!!) and Checkered hopes that we will have no mishaps landing us a spot on America's Funniest Home Videos.
8~I received a note from my neighbor this week. She knew all my kids' names and that freaked me out because I didn't recognize HER name and thus, didn't know who was writing to me and was all too familiar with my family.
9~What is Pepper the puppy's attraction to dryer lint?
10~This is the first day this week that I did NOT visit Walmart. Way to go, Me!
11~My hair is looking messy these days, but I'm afraid to go to a salon because I might run into the hair stylist I am trying to leave. She scares me.
~~~~~ Don't you love tildes, too?~~~~~~~


Jan said...

If I ran into my Dr. on the street I would swear he wasn't old enough, as we say in the south, to be away from his Mama. I have underwear older than my Dr.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yes I love the ~~~~ it is so perfect in many ways... So you are now mom of the year who makes her family shepards pie :D YAHHHHHHooooo:) I need to make some here its something I dont make often... dont knwo why not though cause it is just soooo easy...I need to go see victor oh so many levles the gray is overwhelming me ... and I look and feel like the shaggy DOG. sigh... DO video tape the pinata JUST incase OK~
Giggles and have a wonderful friday!

Unknown said...

Happiest of Birthdays to the little man. How exciting to have a first birthday party.

I love tildes too~~~~~

Glad you like the Shepard's Pie! I might make a ground turkey one this Sunday.

16 days until DAYTONA!!!!

Love you,


Mental P Mama said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to the little man~~~ Tilde, huh? Learn something new every day....

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Happy Birthday to the little dude!
Are you sure that's your neighbor?

Anonymous said...

~~~~love, love, love them. I think we should use them more often. I totally love your son...why didn't you invite all his friends?
Have a good weekend Caution...


Jennifer Warthan said...

Hairstylists are tricky creatures. My cousin does hur now but I already have someone doin' my hur so I don't know what to do... 'bout my hur.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i wont share the pics of the TRUE mess around here but rest assured our friendship is completely safe!
giggles and hugs!

Dr.John said...

Happy birthday to the young one.
Great set of ~'s.

Anonymous said...

~ How many recipes did you try? Are your kids sick of Sheep Pie yet?
~ Don't pinatas have pull strings now because of liberal freaked out parents lobbying the pinata makers of America (That's a fake organization I made up to amuse myself) fearing small children might be harmed with baseball bats? You must be making your own. Swing batter batter!
~ Cut the hair off. It's liberating, but then you know that.
~ If the sweet and beautiful doctor had a southern accent, THEN you would have to worry. I think you are fine as long as it's a fake one on a TV show. Let your husband get check ups at the least. Really.
~ We have a birthday coming up soon also. A Lego cake is being planned. Check in email wise and I will send you a link of the idea soon if I think of it.
~ I love this accent mark as well, and use it in all my lists. I actually almost sent you an email laughing about it the other day after you sent me one and I noticed your current usage of it. I find it endearing.
~ I'm done babbling now. I'll stop posting long posts in your comment section. Honest.

Mrs4444 said...

Yes, I do love your tildes! heehee GOSH it's pretty in here, Caution! Just gorgeous. Now, be careful with that pinata bat (but do have the video camera ready!) :)

As Cape Cod Turns said...

What is up with scary hair dressers? I have had a few in my time! Yikes! Hope you are having a great birthday party weekend!

Jeannelle said...

Love the tildes.....I did not know ~ had a name. Thank you, Teacher Caution!