Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Now, Where Was I?

I was going to go away from blogging forever. That's exactly what I believed for 9.7 minutes last month. I was going to regain all the time blogging has cost me and emerge a well-organized, calm, neat woman. So I closed down the blog shop and launched into full-blown "Christmas-is-here-already-and how-can-that-be-since-I'm-not-ready mode." I learned that my absence from blogging did not, in fact, contribute greatly to my organizational needs. Nor did it enhance my time-management skills. Nor did it allow me to sink into deep slumber each night. It did not facilitate my quest to declutter and to update my resume. It did not free my time, my mind, nor my children's great fear that everything they do will be posted.

So what good did my blogging hiatus do?

It taught me that I blog NOT because I am obligated to.
It taught me that I blog NOT because I am trying to keep up with every other blogger.
It taught me that I blog NOT because it's just something to do.

My break taught me that I blog because I absolutely love it.

I love it because it's writing.
I love it because it's reading.
I love it because it's fun.
I love it because you're here, too.

And that last item is the best one of all and the main reason I'm back to stay.


Mental P Mama said...

I completely agree with your assessment! Welcome back. I missed you!

Betty said...

Sooo true! Welcome back. We missed you and I´m glad you wrote "to stay"!

Pancake said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! Sounds as though you learned what all of us need to learn! It is a hobby and we need to enjoy it!


Jeannelle said...

Hi, caution!

Oh, thank you for venturing into the "I'm-going-to-quit-blogging-wilderness", scouting around and then, (best of all) returning to report your findings to us. It will save others from making the trip themselves.

Welcome back!!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Yippee! I was thinking of you while I was unable to blog and wondering if you missed it! I am glad that you did! Welcome back and really cool layout!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! A break is always good, especially if you learn something through it.

Nora said...

I'm so glad you're back. I've enjoyed reading your entries! Happy New Year!!

Unknown said...

Woo hoo, God is giving me so many reasons to cheer today...which I will be posting about by 9pm tonight, so please come and see me.

I have missed you SOOOOOOOOOO much. Did you hear me?

Sooooooooo much. I would think and pray about you every day.

You are such a joy in my life and in others...You have been so missed...wait, I already said that...see, you have me all excited now.

I can not wait to be catching up with you on the best three weeks...the past 24 hours have been the best.

Love you,


Marlene 41 more days until Race Week starts...wooo hoo

Anonymous said...

It was my singing that did it wasn't it?! I knew if I sang you would come back! haha
You have NO clue how happy I am. I knew you well enough to know you would be back, but thew question was always when. You are a writer at heart, this is your hobby, your passion, your release. This is you. And it's not about what others think or get here at your blog, it's what it brings to you. It's about small and big friendships found, both real and cyber (as strange as that sounds). You have so much to offer so many with your wisdom, insight, humor and stories. We, your friends, are smiling today.
I also noticed you changed you background again and it says love, peace, joy, faith etc... see what blogging brings you?! Yeah... you are back! Woo hoo sister!
Ps- I was thinking of the boys when I posted the Lego. My boy was thrilled to know yours got the big Mission Control 18 Wheeler thing too!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I've missed you:)

Can't wait to hear about your fabulous holiday!

Dr.John said...

Welcome back. We missed you.

joanne said...

I missed you..I always love talking to you...so glad you are back ;)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

thank GOd cause I have been missing YOU!

Julie said...

I am just now catching up on blogs and I have to say I am glad you are back!!!! :)