Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fragments: The Not-So-Perky Edition

Okay, Mrs. 4444, I'm playing this week.

~I read Melanie's thoughtful post about her reaction to seeing a pregnant AND smoking mom and began to think about the diet I feed my own kids, I thought about my own kids riding their bikes sans helmets, I thought about them playing video games when it's 70 degrees and sunny outside, and thought about them doing flips on our very dangerous trampoline ... I remained silent.

~Buying a floor model bike at Toys R Us is no bargain. No discount for the torn decals and scratches. No discount for scuffed seat and dirty tires. But wait; there's more. They ADDED $10 to the price because it was already assembled!

~How many days until the end of Lent???? Tim Horton's, my beloved Lenten sacrifice, I miss you.

~Why do I only see the dust in this house when company stops by?

~Parent/Teacher conferences for my kids this week. Two of the three boys' teachers wanted to cancel my conference - not necessary when a child does this well. Nope and no thank-you. I decided to keep my conferences; don't they know it means a lot to me to hear what they have to say?

~How true the saying that we can always tell where an ADHD child has been by the trail he/she leaves behind!

~My son just crossed over from being a Cub Scout to being a Boy Scout. Checkered was excited about their first camp-out until the boy decided he wanted to go without a parent this time
:( Redemption, however, by the teenaged daughter who wants her dad to be one of the drivers for her church youth group activity.

~To tell or not to tell my local friends how to find my blog?

~We live near an international border and 5/6 of this family own no passport. Isn't June the deadline?

~And lastly, I listened to an Eminem playlist on YouTube yesterday. Great narratives, but my innocence is lost forever. How did I get this far in life with so much innocence anyway?


Unknown said...

I absolutely loved this post from you!

I also like to go to the good kid conferences. They counter balanced the bad kid ones.

mom x 2 said...

I completely agree with the trail left by an adhd child. And I always get scared when the caller id says the school. Its such a nice thing when there is a teacher on the other end saying, "don't be alarmed, this is a good call"

Happy Friday!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Great Post.
I was wondering the same about my blog....nah I'll keep it to myself!
Happy Friday!

Ashley said...

Interesting fragments...
I tell my friends but not my coworkers.... mainly b/c I don't want them knowing that I happen to blog during work hours. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this....did all these thoughts happen in one day? One hour? :)
Maybe my youngest has adhd.....I always know where she has been and what she has been doing too..drawers open, cabinets open, paper, pen, tape, know what I mean. I thought she was just lazy. Is there medication for that????

MrsSki said...

I came across your blog from Half Past Kissin' Times Mr. Linky and I must say I loved your ADHD fragment. Except I have no children, I am the one with ADHD and my husband thinks it's quite fun to watch me bounce from room to room while cleaning. Focusing isn't my specialty!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

excellent post...
thank you for visiting me too...
I have debated all day on how I want to say what I am thinking about autos and auto makers ... I am all for buying american autos, but when out shopping reality hit me in the head hard... the economy is horrid, american cars can not come close to forign cars on warrenties or prices and today when I got insurance I was apalled to discover that my 2001 GMC pick up full coverage is almost THREE times as expensive as my 2008 forign vehicle.
America has lost something very precious to me and I dont know that they can get it back. Its funny that when doing what is best for your family makes you feel a twinge of guilt because you believe in certian things and it is hard to go against what you are raised to believe... my dad was downright rude becasue I chose a Hyundai over another vehicle. Sigh I do not like these times they suck.
HUGSSSSSSS have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs4444 said...

We have a Boy Scout, too! He's about to start planning his Eagle project. Scouting takes a lot of support from parents, but what great experiences. Camping without a parent...a sweet milestone, too :)

That ADHD thing explains why my classroom is always a disaster. Thanks for the excuse; I thought it was me!

Tim Horton' glad we don't have a donut shop within 30 miles!!

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Most of my friends do not know about my blog. I reserve that for my bloggy friends.
I always see the dust but it never goes away.
I had NO CLUE what Tim Horton's

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mrs. Peach but I must speak. Have you seen Chrysler's new lifetime warranties? And, yes, trucks always come with much higher insurance rates than many cars. Especially if they're 4x4s. Don't rely too much on the media. Until recdently, they were some of the US automaker's worst critics while many foreign maker's recalls seemed to miss making the headlines.

Anonymous said...

~I gave up sarcasm for Lent. As if THAT is really working for me.
~Still no passports here as well, has me worried. I love Canada.
~Local friends who know about your blog must be tried and true REAL friends, or they won't be your friends anymore. Blogs just end up being too dang revealing. That's my rule at least.
Oh, by the way, hello my friend, been a crazy week. Sorry I haven't been by to say hello. Love the exercise butt be gone thing. I have taken to only watching TV reruns on my computer while riding my bike. It got rid of some of my butt, BUT, I am usually behind on knowing who got kicked off Dancing With The Stars ;)