Thursday, April 30, 2009

Caution Drags Her Family Down Memory Lane

We took a much-too-quick trip to Kentucky recently. Our first night seemed a portent of success when we found a room for $40!! Can you imagine? Other than the fact that we refused to allow our children to take their shoes off inside the room and threatened them with severe punishments if they touched the blankets, it was lovely.

We then detoured to have breakfast with our favorite University of Kentucky nephew. What a difference to see him as a college man.

After that, a quick stop at SONIC!!! Love that lemon-berry slush.

Next stop, Morehead State University, a much-loved alma mater for mom, siblings, and me.

After this stop at the school lake where my luggage fell out of the car and I lost my new and favorite eye liner, we went in search of a better photo op with a school sign. (Checkered is still in shock that a college could have such a name), but just before we got to the sign, I managed to rip the bottom off my slush and the ENTIRE precious drink emptied itself onto my lap. We found the sign, and my husband could NOT understand why I refused to get out in my soaking wet lemon-berry pants and take a photo. I suppose the hundreds of college students milling about the sign would have preferred the humor had I gotten out of the vehicle.

The Red Buds (how did we ever time it right this year??) provided solace for my now freezing pants and lost slush.

After attempting to make the kids car sick via a rural, but gorgeous route, we arrived at my parents' home and spent the next few days enjoying all things Eastern Kentucky. 

We play a mean Phase 10 and do NOT cheat when playing partners.

I closed my eyes for this photo because there are some things a mother shouldn't see.

Hail, hail, oh Giovanni's where the grease swims freely on the pizza.   I would travel 350 miles for one slice, thank-you.

And how about another Eastern Kentucky favorite: Ale 81 (a late one) - ginger ale with caffeine!!!
Because my kids were in the Holy Land, they got to drink it at 10 am AND 10 pm.
My daughter loves Kentucky and her grandparents, but a big thrill was going out on Friday night with her very sweet and smart cousin. My girl fretted about her hair and clothing; I fretted about the fact that my niece is a fairly new driver. They did, however, arrive home safely and my daughter has a favorite new memory.

And now, back to reality.

P.S. Pam (with whom I was texting at the time of my slush "incident") is NOT to add any additional info to this post.


Checkered said...

WARNING - PLUG ALERT. Here's where I'm going to shamelessly offer up props to Chrysler for their YES Essentials seat fabrics. All of that RED natural fruit slushie and not a single stain. So please take a seat, Mr. Fiat!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

sniffsss... and just how far is it from eastern KY to East GA??? HUH HUH HUH

Unknown said...

Great post!!! I was wondering when we were going to hear about the trip!

Morehead..ha...really had me laughing.

Phase 10...I am so there and I do not cheat either! Love that game, if I can remember what phase I am on.

Jeannelle said...

Wonderful post of your trip, Caution! Love the redbud photo. Did you grow up in the gray house? Looks like a lovely place. Ha....been there, done that---worrying about one of my kids riding with a young cousin!

I've never heard of Morehead State in KY; I have heard of Moorhead State College in Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

MMMM! Lemon-Berry Slush is my FAVORITE!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

What a fun trip! Great pictures too!
I almost thought you were in NC. They have a Moorehead City there!
Looks like a good time was had by all!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great tour of your home town. Love all the pictures and I am again reminded we dont have a sonic either....I bet it was a styrafoam cup too...ughhh.
Fun post!!

Ronnica said...

The slush incident is very similar to one that I've had recently. While visiting UNC with my visiting best friend, she squeezed her styrofoam drink and it burst in her lap.

Debbie said...

Sigh. I must visit Kentucky. I cannot believe with all the traveling, I missed it. Shame.

Sigh. There is a Sonic right down the road. I have never been. Shame.

I'm glad someone is out there experiencing life to the fullest! :)

(By the lake? Blanket and a nap) Serenity.

Betty said...

I love Phase 10! Looks like a great trip.
Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

imbeingheldhostage said...

oooh, now I'm extra curious to hear Pam's side of the story. I was just craving sonic today, and there it was-- the huge poster-sized photo of a sonic cup... think I'll go cry into my pillow now.

I miss KY, were the lightening bugs out yet?

Dr.John said...

I am waiting for Sonic to open in this area. Sorry your drink spilled. Sounds like your visiting went well.

Big Hair Envy said...

WHAT??? We have Sonic, AND Giovanni's!!! We must be twins!!!

Sorry about the drink thing...did you have a Tide-To-Go pen with you???

joanne said...

We just got a Sonic in our area, I am so looking forward to having a slush lemon whateveritis drink all over me ;D

pam said...

What, you think I am REALLY going to say more about the slushie here? REALLY? I would never say more. Honest. I am glad you talked about said slushie in a somewhat honest manner. I mean, you did mention you spilled it. That is enough. No one needs to know more. What happens in gas stations in Kentucky stays there I hear. I'm just sayin.
Good to talk to ya yesterday my friend. Hope the little man is doing better today. The Boy cut off all the curls last night to "look more tough" and he had me put gel in it and spike it today. Sooooo not him, but if it makes him feel more secure??? Oh well. He did look kind of silly and fun. And much cooler for summer.

Anonymous said...

What a great story about your trip. Living in Indiana, we travel through Kentucky occasionally, but hardly ever have reason to stop, so most of our experience in from the highway, but it is a lovely state.

Lisa Jobes said...

You know, I think I spied a DARE t-shirt on someone up in a tree. I spent 17 of my 22 years at the police department teaching that program. I am a firm believer in it. Hope that is what my eyes spied. Thanks for coming over and visiting. I have sat here and read several of your postings...can't believe I have been gone for so long.
Lisa J