Tuesday, November 10, 2009

There WAS a Reason for Yesterday's Rerun

I stand corrected. Oh, yes I do. This week-end, for the first time since our first child began school in 2000, we received a "just because" note from a teacher.

When I went to the mailbox on Saturday and saw the post card from the middle school, I thought:
"Over-due library book?"
"Mom-to-mom resale?"
"School tax increase?"
to which the answers were:
It was a note from our son's language arts and social studies teacher.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Flag,
Your son has been chosen as Student of the Month in my classroom. He is such a great person to have in class - always prepared and has such a positive attitidue! What a great role model he is.
His teacher
I'll stand corrected any day. Thank-you, teacher, for taking the extra time to send that note.


T said...

How wonderful!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

awesome and congratulations son!!! :)

MsTypo said...

Congrats to your son! :) That's mail anyone would enjoy opening. :)

Mental P Mama said...


Unknown said...

Those re the times that make the bd parenting days all worth while...congratulations to both your son and to the two of you.

Lucy and Ethel said...

Woo hoo!

It's always nice to hear things like that but so much better to have a note... which you can read as often as you'd like :)


I Am Woody said...

Awesome!!! And what perfect timing!!!

claudia said...

I have always been a believer of, "If you send things out to the universe, the universe will take care of you." It worked!
How great! A wonderful positive note! Congratulations to your son on his Student of the Month status!

Busy Bee Suz said...

this is so wonderful!!! Congrats on doing such a great job raising the student of the month.
Going to my mailbox now...hoping I don't have to wait too long for a postcard. :)

won said...

There are definitely times when it's great to be wrong!

Yeah for your son!

mom x 2 said...

Wooo Hooooo, maybe he/she reads your blog??? Congrats :)

betty said...

congrats to son!!! so glad you got that note :)


joanne said...


LadyFi said...

Well done, son! It feels great when your kids do well in school...

Mrs4444 said...

Yea for him, and yea for you! Awesome.