Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How quickly can I get another appointment?

My herniated disk and I have lived together for many years now in relative peace. Occasionally, it gets upset and says a cruel word or two to me, but other times it has a full-blown temper tantrum and screams and threatens to take hostages. A variety of doctors have given me their best advice, but truthfully? Nothing much helps. It's just a waiting game for the disk to get its temper back under control so we can go about our lives.

Then yesterday happened. An impulsive call to a chiropractor near our local 7-11. I figured if the treatment didn't work, I could at least console myself with a Slurpee. I sat in the waiting room second-guessing my decision. Our insurance doesn't cover it. Heavy-duty pain pills really can be lovely. I was almost ready to leave when it was my turn. I allowed that very nice man to push me around and pummel me a bit. He even strapped my ankles to a table and bounced me. I felt marginally better. And then I met the water table.

It looks just like this one, and it's one of the greatest gifts technology has given us. A water bed, a heater, rolling massage thingies. It was almost as good as warm, sunny April day with a gentle breeze. It may have only been ten minutes that I was allowed to use my new favorite friend, but if I could have moved quickly enough, I might have punched the chiropractor for telling me I had to leave.

I don't think my back was any better after I left the table, but those ten minutes?

Pure bliss.

What is making you happy this week?


Nancy said...

I have a bulged disc in my lower back that reminds me daily it's my constant companion.

Never been to a chiropractor -- I worked in insurance for many years and they just left a bad taste in my mouth I never could get rid of.

Hope your back is feeling better today. :)

Lucy and Ethel said...

My mother was told she had a bulging disc in her lower back years ago; hers pitched a tantrum on a regular basis, and she was given drugs and injections. Nothing helped.

Out of sheer desperation, she went to our local chiropractor (whose name was the same as our angel's!), and it changed her life. He used an activator, a gadget for which most chiropractors do NOT have training. It looks like a big syringe and takes the place of having to be twisted, etc., something nowhere on her bucket list. You just walk up to the table, it's lowered (much nicer for her than trying to climb up on a narrow table), and the 'chiro' determines where to punch/poke with the activator.

The results were miraculous.

I know that the mention of chiropractors tends to cause eyebrows to raise(!), but this one was fantastic. He's since moved out of the area (unfortunately, not to yours!), but his replacement also uses the activator in addition to 'traditional' treatment. I can't imagine who would PREFER that.

The water table does sound heavenly :)


Busy Bee Suz said...

Can't you make a LONG date with that water table??
Hope you feel better soon.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh...I don't know how you live with that. I'm glad you got some relief!
Stopped by from the Happiness Project.

Checkered.loves.Caution said...

Do you think we could get the "table" to finish our bathroom and kitchen for us? I'm just saying...

Susan Anderson said...

Never seen one of those tables. But I'd sure LIKE to!


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I love my chiropractor! Hope your back is feeling better soon! What an awful feeling. Now to fiqure out how I can get one of those tables!

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

oooooh I wanna try :) Hope your back gets to feeling better soon... Happy Tuesday

Mental P Mama said...

I actually felt better after this!

Julie said...

I love my chiropractor also. I have 2 cushions that no longer exist in my lower back and most days life is managable but there are those days where it's not. My insurance company took my pain pills away, not covered so I am without but thanks to my chiropractor life is a bit better plus -50 has made a big difference too. I just might have to ask my chiropractor about this water table. He does have other goodies he uses though I just get the adjustments.
Thanks for sharing. I do hope it really helps in the end.
Take care and God Bless!!