Thursday, March 3, 2011

Proof Positive

No one ever recruited me to work in a science department. No one ever begged me to work for a police department. And no one ever asked me to write a book on theology or geometry, but I am an expert on all things that need proving.

For example:

Case one ~ siblings can deliberately share strep

Last week middle boy with strep took a mouthful of his drink and then leaned over emptied the straw into his brother's glass all while the brother continued to drink. This week the brother has strep.

Case two ~ I chose the right profession

...except I've been doubting that lately. Then on Tuesday a former student ran across a parking lot to hug me. That hug was worth all the students who don't run across anything to hug me.

Case three ~ Facebook is wonderful

My sister "found" my first best friend this week via Facebook. It has been...gulp...40 years, but I would still recognize her anywhere.
Case four ~ I am a weather expert

March at 25 degrees is far colder than January at 25 degrees. Trust me.

Case five ~ One can repeat underwear without major consequence

I suggested to my youngest son that since he had worn the same underwear for two days, it was time to change. He replied, "To be precise, I've been wearing this pair for two weeks and I'm still okay." He was right, of course, unless we count the deliberate strep. Somehow I doubt that the two are connected.

And the last case: after two weeks of minimal blogging I have learned that I can survive without blogging, but I really can't survive without bloggers. Thanks to all of you who brighten my days :)

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I Am Woody said...

I have an underwear question. The person wearing the same underwear for 2 weeks may be OK. But what about the person that has to sit next to him? Gotta love smelly kids:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

LOL at woody!!
This all make me chuckle...even if it was not funny for you!!!

claudia said...

I can't survive without bloggers eithe. You make me smile every time I come here!

Mental P Mama said...

Case two wins it. And we cannot do without you.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I lived in a house full of girls (and my Dad) we didn't deliberately share germs. Boys!!

I have whined that a 40 degree day in Florida is worse than a 40 degree day in Michigan. I get teased, but it's just too damn cold. It's the same with 25º in March. It's not expected. March is supposed to be warmer, therefore 25º is colder! I totally agree with you :)

FB is wonderful. I've reconnected with so many and have a whole new friendship with them. It's great.

Rachael said...

If one of my kids gave the other one strep on purpose, I might punch them. Okay, not really, but I MIGHT pile on some extra chores or something once they were feeling better!

Cranberry Morning said...

Love the underwear story! :-) Reminds me of my nephew who went to camp for a week and never once opened the suitcase his mom had packed for him. LOL

Mrs4444 said...

Your boys are such boys. Hope everyone is feeling well by now.

I hear you on the questioning of professions. I think I can easily keep being a teacher if I never watch the news, go on Facebook, or talk to other teachers again. (I started the morning on Thursday talking with a handful of freaked out teachers, and it ruined the whole day.)

MoMo 2.0 said...

Things like Case 2 are what keep us going....
I love moments like that!