Friday, June 24, 2011

Fragmented, choppy, and all things me

I can't seem to find the rhythm of blogging these days.  I think it's hiding somewhere at Dairy Queen, so while I go in search of that, here's a small window of how my mind really works:

The merits of logic gone wrong: My youngest boy sadly stated that it's too bad his brother will never be able to become a fire fighter.  The reason?  His butt is apparently too small  ???

And then there's the part where I fool myself: I made some muffins to take to my friend's house and was pleased that they were still warm when I arrived.  Her response? "These are pretty good for a mix."  HOW DID SHE KNOW?

And speaking of knowledge, have you read the ebook, Sentence of Marriage?  You MUST.  Now I am reading the first sequel, Mud and Gold, and it's almost as good.

Here comes the work reference: my students and I read an editorial yesterday about how even as society speeds along technologically, we are clamoring more and more for a hands-on, slower connection to life.  The editorial then cited the Etsy stores as a prime example of our longing for more of a human connection.  Not one of my 27 students had any idea what Etsy is, so that kind of shot a hole right through the article's theory.

The students did, however, better understand Dave Berry's advice that women would be happier if they only looked at themselves from the front.  He says we get into trouble when we look at our image from other angles such as the side or the back.  He says men have perfected the art of the one-glance, front view only and are much happier as a result.  I think he's right!

And speaking of men, isn't it the most awkward thing as a woman to have a conversation with a male acquaintance whose fly is open?

And speaking of things men love, some women and I were discussing the merits of breast liposuction.  Two other women stood next to us and talked about their longing for breast enhancement.  Seriously, if they can do a person-to-person blood transfusion, can't they do a person-to-person boob transfusion?

Now I'm done speaking.  So head over to Mrs. 4444's place, and see who else is feeling especially fragmented today

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Your fragments always crack me up.
I am on my way to Dairy queen and I will be eligible for Firefighter captain!!!!
My kids love etsy!!
Have a great weekend.

Lex the mom said...

Very interesting fragments! I love the reference to the breast transfusion - too funny!

I am going to check out the Sentence of Marriage. It has an interesting enough title for me to wonder exactly what it's about.

Is your friend an avid baker or cook? If she is, that's how she knew. I could tell mix from homemade. The flavors are very distinct, in my opinion.

& I love the things kids say. How would a small butt keep someone from being a firefighter? Too funny!

Keetha Broyles said...

1) Your friend should just have been gleeful to GET warm muffins


2) Boob to boob liposuction Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Style, Decor & More said...

Enjoyed your fragment post! Very cute!
I'm a new follower from the Over 40 Blog Hop!
Hope you'll hop by and visit my blog too!
Nice meeting you!

Debbie said...

cute blog! glad I found you!!:)

joanne said...

you are the best fragger around! love it...;j

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I love the way you think. I do that in real conversation... I'll start with one thing, like the logic of kids being firefighters and then seemingly jump to something else completely random like breast-to-breast transfusions, leaving everyone reeling when in my head, it sounds just like this post and there is a perfectly ordered connection!

And The Girl has announced that her brother will never get married because all the girls are her age... she's only 18 months younger!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Your friend knew it was a mix because it's the same one she uses.

Shayne Parkinson said...

Google Alerts led me here! Thanks for the lovely reference to my books - and for the smiles your fragments just gave me!

- Shayne (author of "Sentence of Marriage" and other long books)

Kristin - The Goat said...

I would sign up for the breast lipo! I'd be happy to give to those who felt they needed to lug around an additional few pounds on their chest!

I was a hot mess in high school with so very little self confidence and sure that people were saying bad things about me -- I can't imagine growing up with twitter, facebook and texting. I might have been a fan of homeschooling! My emotions could have never withstood it.

I'm surprised at how many people don't know about Etsy. To me it's like not know about ebay.

I'll have to look into the marriage book. It isn't going to tell me to be nicer to my husband is it? I've tried that already LOL

Kelli Nørgaard said...

The "fly is open" dilemma is the same when a woman has WAY too much cleavage showing....where the heck do you look while you talk?!

Teachinfourth said...

I never knew that butt size was a requirement for the fire department...

I have students every week that I have to quietly let know that their 'barn door' is open. The shocked horror of a ten year-old boy is often priceless.

Finally, mixes make the best muffins and brownies. Well, unless they are my friend, Janelle's, they rock the universe.

Mrs4444 said...

Kristin--Love that nut. I could make a pretty good donation myself.

Hey, they're all mixes, aren't they?!

That Etsy thing is just plain stupid. The book sounds interesting, though :)