Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Caution,

Someone asked me for advice last week.  Now, that might seem like small potatoes to some of you, but for me it's a large baked potato with butter AND sour cream.  Oh, I get asked for advice all the time, but it sounds like this:

My ride will be here in 30 seconds; I can't find my shoes!  Do you think we have to time to go to the mall and buy a pair?

So when my friend asked my advice, we both cried a little.  I cried because it felt so good to be needed for something other than my debit card.  She teared-up because she was withdrawing from some medication.

Her request got me thinking of all this knowledge I have been acquiring for the last half-century-ish.  It used to be nicely catalogued in my brain, but now it's kind of having a free-for-all up there. That must mean it's time to Spring clean a little.  Perhaps if I share some of that hard-earned knowledge with you, things will quiet-down a little in my brain.  And, no.  I will not use anymore hyphenated phrases for the rest of this post.

Today's advice ~
If you really want to appreciate the flowers in your yard, don't overdo it when it comes to planting.  An entire bed of blooms will simply detract from the true beauty you might otherwise experience.  Thus, you should plant judiciously and opt for a minimalist approach.  That is why I have planted TWO bulbs.  Imagine our joy when they blossomed into full beauty this week!!  The love those flowers have received from this family is tremendous.


I Am Woody said...

My gardening advice: If you want to see your tulips in bloom, get rid of the mockingbird that keeps snipping the stems like they are a juicy green worm!

Cranberry Morning said...

Great advice! :-) One year I planted about 50 tulip bulbs and in the spring 2 came up. I guess it's what mice feed on in the winter. Your daffodils look lovely! :-)

Laura~peach~ said...

excellent... and they should mutiply on their own, unless they live near me then you get the lovely green and no purty flowers... SIGH... love ya!

joanne said...

those are beauties! Well worth the wait I'm told...I'm still waiting. Great advice!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so wise and full of wisdom. I really wish you could share more with me. So, did the child with the missing shoes get to the mall in 30 seconds?

imbeingheldhostage said...

Great. Wish I had read this before we planted the horse-sized bag of daffodil bulbs :(

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a coincidence! That just happened to me yesterday. I really can’t find my shoes. I was almost about to give up when suddenly I saw our dog, Brownie carrying it in his mouth with several bites in it. I could almost cry coz’ that was my favorite. But then what’s a girl to do? Sigh.

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