Wednesday, October 29, 2008


To my children:

Have you every heard of Barbara Mandrell? She used to be a well-known singer when I was a teen. She had money, she had fame, she had talent, she had beauty, and she even had a television show of her own. She had a great life. But then she made one big mistake.

Take a listen to this song:

Do you understand what she said? She said people could eat crackers in her bed!

I was thinking about that last night when Daddy and I went to bed only to discover that one of you ate Wheat Thins while in our bed. You had successfully hidden the box, but the evidence was there. Had we been clear-headed, we would have changed the sheets, but we weren't. So we just brushed the million gazillion crumbs aside and slept.

Now, back to that lady. Remember she was a star? She was on t.v.? She was glamorous and famous? Do you know where she is now?

She sings in Branson, Missouri. It was one short leap from eating in bed to Branson.

We hope you've learned a valuable lesson today.

Your crumby parents


As Cape Cod Turns said...

Crumbs in bed is the WORST!!!

Unknown said...

It is one thing when WE eat in bed and get crumbs on the sheets but it is not fun at all when some unknown, little person leaves us crumby presents to deal with.

It is just wrong. I would go do it to them if I were you. :)

Funny post though not funny at the time, I am sure.


Mental P Mama said...

I hate crumbs in the bed. And I wondered where she went. Not really;)

Anonymous said...

Actually Barbara Mandrell does not sing in Branson! She retired from the music business 11 years ago and happily lives at home in Nashville, TN with her family. She is quite content these days being a wife and mother. Occasionally she appears on TV shows or at special events.

Dr.John said...

That will teach them never to do it again.
Nobody wants to end up like Barbara Whsat's her name.

MsTypo said...

Crumbs and whatnot in the bed drive me nuts because they're always on my side! LOL Why can't they be on his side fo the bed for a change?

Thanks for visiting on my BAtW day!!!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, Barbara Mandrell was one of my favorites. I'm sorry she is now forever connected, in your family's collective mind, to crumbs in your bed! :)

I am glad anon gave an update on her!

Pancake said...

ROF!!! She was one of my favs! Do you recall when she and her kids got in that accident?

Anonymous said...

Anon, are you Barbara?

Betty said...

I get sooo mad if I finds crumbs in my bed! The worst!

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Ugh! No food out of the kitchen! My hubby would have DIED!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to BE Barbara Mandrell. Or Dolly Parton. And then Reba. Eventually Trisha Yearwood. Now maybe Martina McBride. I was country when country wasn't cool ya know. But crackers in bed is gross.

Mrs4444 said...

I loved her back in the day. As I recall, she had two ditzy but gorgeous sisters I idolized, sadly. :)