Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sitting Pretty

A couple of neighborhood moms have been courting my daughter.  They are solicitous are cordial to me, but I know the truth.  They want to get to my daughter and make her their own.  My daughter is a babysitter.

How is it that although I still feel she can't function without me, that other parents entrust the lives of their children to my own child?  How is it that while we can't see the floor of her bedroom because of the layers of clothing covering it, that other parents turn their houses over to her for hours?

But a natural babysitter she is.  She is creative.  She is sweet.  She is fun.

Here is where we need you all.  We honestly don't know what is the going sitter rate per child.  We've asked her friends, but their answers vary by $20/per hour.  Honestly.   

When the families ask my daughter what she gets paid at home, she thinks she should answer, "Nothing."  I, of course, would answer, "A roof over her head, food to sustain her and then some, enough clothing to carpet her floor, and pretty much anything else one could imagine."  Somehow, my answer doesn't work for the families who want to hire my girl for three or six hours.

So, please help us.  We need answers.
  • What is the going rate for a young teen sitter per child? 
  • Do you expect your sitters to clean at all?
  • What characteristics do you LOVE in a sitter?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

when I was a kid... I was told that I am to watch the kids, clean the kitchen even if the mess was there when I got there clean it anyway...and of course pick up after the kids ( I learned in a hurry how to get kids to clean up themselves) of course this was 30 years ago and I kept 7 kids for 20 dollars an evening which was usually 6 hours while the two sets of parents went out.

My neice makes an absurd amount of money when she babysits but I guess the parents she sits for have more money than brains... I told one for that pay I WOULD come keep their kid....

Single child here brittany keeps her for 5 to 6 hours and they pay her 80 dollars.. INSANE

I wish I had a better answer or Idea of what to tell your daughter but... 3 dollars a kid per hour sounds reasonable to me. maybe more an hour is the child is an infant...

things I love in a sitter... outgoing personality, the kids have to like the person (kids have an amazing ability to know ) I would not want someone who comes in and at the least doesnt keep my house the way they found it... I had a girl one time come keep the kids... my kitchen looked like a tornado had come while I was out... I didnt mind them eating everything in the house but leaving a mess for me to clean HECK NO.

I also want a kid who has many of the same values as me... if the kid shows up with peirced nose , lips, facial tatoos and a purple mowhawk I am going to think twice about leaving my house and children with them... first impressions DO matter.

OK I have left you a book here... hope it helps... and Caution dont you want another strong stomach story??? I have a few from my babysitting days :D
HUGS Laura

Mental P Mama said...

$10 per hour for one child plus $5/hour for each additional. I expected them to clean up their messes and the ones they let my children make. I loved the ones that would come with a fun project in mind! Good luck!

Unknown said...

The going rate here in Tidewater VA is about 8-10 dollars an hour or more if the hours are extended like for an all day venture.

I provide snacks, a meal that is easy to prepare, and drinks. I also leave out disposble plates and utensils so there is noreal clean-up involved.

I do not expect or ask a babysitter to clean...that is not what they are there for.

I love a babysitter who makes the kids happy and when I come home, all the babies are well cared for.

Big Hair Envy said...

We were blessed to have family nearby to keep Snow White when she was small. When she started babysitting, she averaged about seven dollars per hour (4 years ago), but parents would up the ante in order to get her during peak party seasons. It's ridiculous what people offer. Heck, I'll babysit two kids for $15.00 per hour...AND I'll run the vacuum cleaner!! hahaha!

taratoons said...

Thanks for stopping by today via BATW! I don't have kids, but I do know that when I babysat when I was much younger I always cleaned (when the kids went to take a nap or if they had went to bed for the night).

Karen said...

I'm a poor one to ask as we've never paid a sitter in our lives. We're fortunate enough to have family nearby that does that for us. But I'd never expect a sitter to clean, only the mess they made while playing with the kids (toys and meals, not dusting and vacuuming). But I know nothing of rates.

Jeannelle said...

Well, I'll be no help at all as I'm way past the stage of knowing anything about current babysitting trends.

When I babysat thirty-some years ago, I made a whopping 50 cents per hour. And, my mom drilled into me that I must wash whatever dirty dishes were there, even if they weren't dirtied on my watch. That was her big concern.....that I do the dishes.

Yes, it sounds like your daughter will make a super babysitter! A whole new world opening up for her......earning her own money.....

Anonymous said...

Never paid a sitter in my life, sorry my friend, no help for ya.

As Cape Cod Turns said...

I think the going rate these days is around $10. I want to kiss a babysitter if they do the dishes and/or clean up things. I think babysitters should clean up a little. I will stress this to my daughters when they get there.

She could definitely work it though. A good babysitter that the kids love is a hot commodity! Good for her!

Mrs4444 said...

My 13 year old daughter is a babysitter in Northeast Wisconsin. She gets $5 per hour for any number of kids. Most pay a "bonus" if they come home later than expected or if it's a special holiday night. I have trained her to leave each home cleaner than it was when she got there if the kids are sleeping while she's there; otherwise, she's there for the kids.