Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's Call It Alternative Meds and Leave It At That

"I feel sick. Really, I'm sick. Ow! My stomach hurts. My head hurts, too! I mean it, Mommy, I'm sick!"

Hello, my name is Caution. Welcome to my life.

Every morning at our house starts with the above message of love and compliance brought courtesy of our two youngest boys. I handle it with some simple steps:

  • Kisses

  • Tickles

  • Throwing their clothing at them

  • Yelling
  • Threatening to take away privileges

My little plan works very well. It makes for a really delightful early morning for all of us.

Entirely delightful.

Last week, my 8 year old:

said his stomach hurt. He was certain that he would throw up if sent to school. He says that every day, and still I send him. And you know what? He hasn't worked up the nerve to call home yet this year.

So, back to last week. I knew he was taking a new medication and that his stomach probably was doing cartwheels, but I also knew that he would undoubtedly miss lots of days of school later in the year when his asthma gets really selfish and wants lots of attention. I knew he wasn't really sick.

What to do? I drove my daughter to school. I drove his brothers to school and then I brought him home with me. We gave the dog some loving. We told each other some jokes. We went outside and played basketball. We played really sorry, short-people basketball with tons of house rules made just for the two of us. We talked about stuff.

And after school had been in session for 40 minutes, he was ready to go.

You know what? Right there in the office, in front of the office staff and in front of another boy who really was throwing up, my boy gave me a mighty big kiss right on the lips.

Once in a great while, we moms do something right.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

my kids grew up with mental health days as we labled them... as long as they have kept their grades up, not layed out, and are being basically HUMAN at home...I have taken them to concerts out of town or just let them sleep all day its of course a day that they can not be ill and most times it can not be both at the same time.

on one of my trips to missouri way back when we were still going to court everytime we turned around martha got a week off (she had to take her school work on the road with us) but I gave the school my subpoena and talked them into letting her come with me.

Anyway sounds like a wonderful one on one time with the 8 yr old :) you are a good mommy!

you want a nother strong stomach story???? HUH HUH HUH LOL
Love n hugs ME

Unknown said...

We too, took "mental health" days, but occasionally, I had a "me day"..with five young stair steps at the time, it can be quite a task to find uninterupted time alone dedicated to each child...so I would pick a day and do something wonderful with just that child...I will carry those memories with me forever. Good for you Mom...you rock!

Mental P Mama said...

I am a big believer in those days, too. Makes for a much calmer and well-adjusted child.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, you and I should take one of those days. I guess our boat ride was kind of like that. Let's do something again, soon! I love you! Laura is right, you are a good mom.

Big Hair Envy said...

WOW! You know you ROCK when you get kudos from the hubby!

I also treasure the mental health days spent with my daughter. Whether we were going to the State Fair or just staying home, the time together was priceless. She will be going to college in a couple of years and those days will be few and far between :(