Monday, September 29, 2008

Tell Me WHY

  • Why, when the Internet service goes out at my college, do they send out emails telling us the server is down?
  • Why, when the login requirements change for our work email and we are locked out of the email system, does the college send us an EMAIL telling us how to get into the email?
  • Why does my employer put up big posters all over the campus telling students how much money stolen books can bring the thief?
  • Why do the cleaning crews continue to add left-behind student belongings to the pile in one of my classrooms? The pile has been growing for two years now and covers one table and two desks.
  • Why, when the syllabus clearly states, "No essay submissions via email," do students send their essays via email (but always with the note, "I know you said not to do this, but ...)
  • Why is there a sign in our building which reads, "If you can't read, come see us."
  • Why do I get so highly annoyed when a student tells me, "My high school English teacher doesn't understand this assignment!"
  • Why do I actually laugh when a student turns in an essay which is clearly plagiarized from a magazine, and the student tells me he isn't responsible for plagiarism because he hired someone else to write the essay for him?


Julie said...

wow, those are so funny, but I am sure not when you are the one going through it! Where are you a professor at? Or can you not tell? I wish I could go back to college, I loved it. I love reading and getting into discussions... instead of hearing all day "mom I am done going poopy, come wipe my butt" *sigh*

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Some of those things absolutely amaze me too! and I have asked about them myself... never got a satisfactory answer but... nothing new there!
Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

What a truly annoyingly funny list!
Especially funny is the student who was sure his hired "plagarizee" wouldn't plagarize!

Our son was a Marine for 20 years, (for many of those years supervising machine shops full of very young Marines) and one of his favorite sayings was "The worst experiences, make the best stories later."

So, don't think of these things as aggravations. Think of them as blog fodder! :)

Mental P Mama said...


Karen said...

You are kidding me! Wow, it takes all kinds of brilliance for this kind of stuff to happen, doesn't it?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

lemmie tell you a strong stomach story... LOL do you really want to hear it??? read it??? are you positive??? if you have a shadow of a doubt STOP READING NOW!!!!!!!!

ok you kept reading so here it is... when I was in college taking anatomy and physiology FOR THE SECOND TIME! We got a group of folks together to study and help each other out... we had to disect catswe each took turns taking the cat home and then having a study party ... cooking out or in and we all ate while studying... but the best time was right before a test we had taken loads of phots and even made a video (which I still have) but i digress... anyway the test was at 2 pm and we were starving so we decided to hit a very populat chinese resturant for lunch and the cramming session ... so here were sat abotu 10 of us eating our chinese food talking sort of loud (you know how you do when nervous) and of course passing the cat pictures and notes around.... the waitress FREAKED out on us when she saw the pictures and Daryl being the prankster he was ... announced to the resturant that the chicken they THOUGHT they just ate was really CAT and he has the photos to prove it!
oh the laughter... we were asked to never come back LOL

Anonymous said...

I believe there is a difference between "book sense" and "common sense"!!!

Great list:) I needed that laugh today!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Ohhh the pain of it all...

I was just telling my husband yesterday that my wise old Grandpa would flip in his grave if he was to experience the way people (don't) think nowadays.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

now Lisa I WARNED you to stop reading LOL

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago while walking into my son's school, which is also my alma mater, my friend noticed a sign which said, "This school is a tobacco free campus." She asked me, "Are there actually schools in our states that aren't?!" They had a bronze plaque and everything. Makes ya wonder where our tax dollars go... things that make ya go hmmmmmm

Jeannelle said...

All very good questions.....there are so many "why's" in life! And, usually the answer is just, "BECAUSE"! My mom used to sing the "Tell Me Why" song to us as a lullaby:

Tell me why
the ivy twine

Tell me why
the stars do shine

Tell me why
the sky's so blue

And I will tell you
just why I love you


Because God made
the ivy twine

Because God made
the stars to shine

Because God made
the sky so blue

Because God made you
that's why I love you


Sorry for this long comment.....why did I do it? The devil made me do it......that line was popular when I was a teenager.

As Cape Cod Turns said...

OK, that last point was good!

Unknown said...

oh...too funny. I can just imagine how frustrating it all can be. I am fairly intolerant of ignorance myself...

Anonymous said...

I totally LOL'd at the last one.

And not the lame LOL when you just say that you do but it's really just a brain smile. This was an all out [loud] guffaw.

Just thought you should know. Heh.

Mrs4444 said...

Can you be serious?? These things all really happened? Wow.