Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The value of email

I read my work email last week after an email absence of some time. In the email were:

  • the typical entreaties from students asking for a private lecture time because they had things to do and couldn't "cum to class" - seriously.
  • Invitations to "gentle people" to watch the movies a campus pastor was showing. They all sounded terribly entertaining and tempting. "Election Day" - Filmed in 14 different locations, this movie chronicles the ordinary citizen determined to vote, to turn out the vote, and to see that voting is legally and fairly done in the 2004 elections. "On the Line" - An inside look at the people behind one of the largest non-violent movements in America today.
  • A wordy update from our union VP using just over 100 words to remind us that we still have no contract, but the negotiation team will meet later this month. No mention of what the problem is.
  • And a reprimand sent from IT that "2 of you" fell for a scam and sent your personal log-in to Nigeria thus allowing criminals to shut down our mail system. And if "any other people did that, you need to call us right away."
I shall take a moment here to clear my name. It wasn't me!! I couldn't have sent my log-in info to anyone because I haven't been able to remember my password for a while now. The computer automatically enters it for me. I am the ideal employee.


Julie said...

where are you a professor? I know I have asked before and if you told me, I am sorry. I love your stories, they make me laugh! Thanks for sharing about the two documentaries, I would like to see them... love documentaries... I just saw one about "Donkey Kong." Can you believe there is a whole world of men out there trying to beat the official Donkey Kong score. Amazing... such a crazy world. You cannot create drama or comedy funnier than real life sometimes! Oh and what do you teach?

Unknown said...

I am the same way. I adore your random sense of humor and love the way you look at life...I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog because I love laugh at myself!!!

What do you teach? C'mon, do tell, please?

Mental P Mama said...

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what those students were doing INSTEAD if showing up for class. Don't they have spell check?

I can't imagine how entertaining it must be to work in the world of academia!