Monday, November 17, 2008

A Simple Push of a Button

After enjoying BHE's artwork, I thought I had no energy left to write anything.

I fooled myself!

On to my thoughts about my push button life. My children are being raised to push buttons. At the push of a button, they have:

clean dishes,
clean clothing,
warm food,
air conditioning,
cold beverages,
connections to the entire world.

Additionally, they have a car which starts via the button thing and it has doors which open and shut and lock via the same said button thing.

When my children need to get into the house, they push another button and the garage door opens, symbolically welcoming them home.

It's sad, but last week a gear in the garage door opener died. Checkered miraculously breathed new life into it and we all cheered, for we were exhausted from manually opening the door for a few days. But the fix didn't last, and we have opted not to replace the part. What that means in my children's vernacular is that they must physically lift and close the garage door now and forever more.

BUT - when the garage door closes, it automatically locks. So thinking how my two oldest children could theoretically find themselves locked out after school, I had house keys made for each of them.

I was touched at their independence. I was proud of their growth. I was relieved to know they wouldn't be left outside some snowy day.

So the keys were presented. And my children stood dumbfounded by the gift. I explained how the garage door opener no longer works. I explained that they could no longer access the house by pushing a button.

The children carefully examined their new keys and asked,

"How do these work?"

I promise you, that is exactly what they said.


Mental P Mama said...

Unbelievable. And so true.

Julie said...

wow, that was really funny and eye opening... Eli is always taking our keys out of our key bucket and trying to open the front door... I am afraid he is going to break a key in there one day!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

LOLOLOL too funny... how do these work... NOW I know why i refuse to have a letric dishwasher, dont have a garage so of course no letric all work off keys...and so keep me giggleing!!

Pancake said...

What a great reminder of all the wonderful things we DO have at the push of a button!

Jan said...

That is great and I never gave much thought to keys going by the wayside but yeppers, they sure are.

MsTypo said...

ROTFL That is too funny!! Don't tell them about the olden days back in the 90's before ipods and DVDs. LOL

Betty said...

Funny! How old are they? I guess that´s what I´ll have to expect once I have grandkids...

Anonymous said...

They are really amazing and funny. Most of us were unknown earlier that how hey tend to work but now we are much aware about it.

Anonymous said...

Goodness me .. how do these work? We don't have many buttons over here in Sweden yet, so that they have mastered the art of turning keys already at age 5 and upward...

Big Hair Envy said...

Hahahaha! Receiving a house key used to be SUCH a right of passage. These days, they all want you to hand over the REMOTE!!!

Great post:)

Dr.John said...

You mean there are things that still use old fashioned keys. Fix the opener.

Beth said...

Honestly-- I get this post. I had each of my kids take turns practicing unlocking and locking the door with the key when I gave it to them.

Mrs4444 said...

That's funny. Completely understandable, too. :)