Thursday, March 12, 2009

Racing to the Checkered Flag

My kids don't care much about their dad's job. That he has one and gets paid is enough for them. Of course, Checkered is a very popular presenter at the school career day, and that is quite cool. But then it's back to "whatever."

And then March arrives. To other families, March means basketball and spring. To us, it means Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Thus, it is in March when having a dad who works in automotive design is a very good thing.

Presenting the Flag boys' derby entries for 2009:

Son #1: Bobsled/Soapbox racer
Son #2: Speed Racer
Son #3: Space Shuttle
And the mom of this family? She's still stuck on being grateful that Checkered has a job at all.
Postscript: We've been notified that two of our boys will win design awards. One will NOT. You know, I am against the design awards altogether. My plan? Take one meeting. Hammer some wheels into a block of wood. Send the cars down the track. See which cars still have wheels at the bottom of the track. Go to Dairy Queen. The End.


Anonymous said...

Go Dairy Queen go!

Love the space shuttle car!

June said...

So happy to have you leave a comment on my blog. Reading yours this morning has been such a delight. I was grinning the whole time remembering how great it was been being a mom to young children. Now its just as great being a mom to grown children. I do enjoy my little birdie's song.

Anonymous said...

I guess pinewood derby cars don't make for a hot blog topic. Oh well...

Jeannelle said...

Not so, Checkered. This is an interesting post! Congrats to ALL the car designers in your family. (I concur that the awards business can get out of hand.)

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Any day that ends with Dairy Queen is a good day!!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very cool, but I like your idea better. Especially the Dairy queen part.