Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fragments

1. My Boy Scout continues his project of identifying eight different species of birds "in the field." We are stuck with the same seven:

Mourning Dove

Common Sparrow

White Crowned Sparrow

Common Grackle




Perhaps our trip to Grandpa and Grandma's house this week-end will produce that final #8.

2. Another merit badge he is working on requires him to peacefully co-exist with a group of five chores. I was delighted with that requirement until I realized he already does those chores. Maybe the difference will be that he will now do them without being prompted.

3. I signed my kids up to bowl for free this summer. Each child gets two free games ALL SUMMER!

4. My daughter continues her planning for a trip with her youth group to NYC. The organized fund-raising has just begun and the trip is in one month. She is now looking to sell things she owns to finance the trip. I'm thrilled she will get to take the trip, but I am highly frustrated with some other aspects of the trip.

5. On a happy church note, we have marvelous new youth pastors! What a gift from the Lord :)

6. Checkered and I leave for Texas at some point in the very near future. A stop in Dallas to see his sister. A stop in El Paso to see mine. We plan to go via New Mexico to see the White Sands National Monument. What else do we need to see during our whirlwind trip? Please be my travel planner. Please? Please? Please?

7. The firewall at Checkered's work has changed and he is no longer able to comment on this blog. Graciously, I've offered to edit and post his comments. He has, thus far, declined my offer.

8. I love to wash clothing. I don't mind switching it to the dryer. I manage to get it out of the dryer and folded, but that's where it stops. My hallway is lined with about 17 baskets of clean laundry now.

9. Check out Wendy's sunglass and cell phone charms. Wendy is my IRL blogging friend and she's got some serious smarts and a whole lot of creativity to match the smarts.

10. While Wendy was starting a business, I have been reading Nevada Barr's latest Anna Pigeon novel. The plot twists are completely improbable, yet I can't stop reading. And Anna Pigeon? I love her.

11. Just finished the second book in Nancy Turner's "Sarah Agnes Prine" trilogy. Do I have enough tears left to read the last book?

12. I'm not sure what people have against Google, but I still prefer it to Bing.

13. I love small businesses. I admire entrepreneurship. But I do wish the owner of this truck would stop parking by the bakery door of the grocery store.


Mary Ellen said...

I love to read your fragments. Good luck with the no-prompting chore thing (it never worked here, even for a merit badge!)

I'm with you on the dog-waste truck. Definitely should park away from the food - but good for him for making a career out of dog poop. Maybe I'm aiming too high.

Mental P Mama said...

Chores....let me know how you deal with this;) Am going to live vicariously through your summer travels, too.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

well you could swing by Ga and see the peach and MJ... oh you should have seen the pouting when you said you were heading west not southeast.... it was not pretty... are cardinals not field birds? we have tons of them here... along with sparrows woodpeckers (several breeds) crows, doves, hawks, buzzards, turkeys, and geese come over some too.

Decadent Housewife said...

So how long has this laundry thing been going on? I have the same problem.

Unknown said...

I do the same thing with laundry...I LOVE to do it and fold it, but that is where it all falls apart.

Love your Friday fragments. Have a great weekend!

won said...

Awwww....I was coming by here to leave some love and support for you and found you had already done that for me. Very, very sweet of you. Thank you!!!

Safe travels on your journey. I hope you don't run into any thunderstorms.

Talk to you soon..."IRL", like Checkered proudly said!

Jeannelle said...

I'm smiling over your summertime fragments. Haha....I get laundry folded into piles, too, and then they sit on a table next to the door to upstairs....self-service.

I've heard Carlsbad Caverns in southern NM are amazing to see. I don't suppose northeast Iowa will be on your route to the Southwest. But, if it ever is, we should meet. Be sure to take lots of pictures to show us.

Have a safe trip this weekend!

Mrs4444 said...

I don't know about you, but nothing goes to waste in my kitchen with MY dog around! HAHA

Fundraising--so much fun, hey? What is she going to sell?

You could have your son take a photo of himself on the lawn, at 5am. You know what that would make him, right? (The Early Bird) Wow. I just became my mother right there with that one! YIkes.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Love your fragments.
Tell the boyscout its the time of the year to look for hummingbirds! woodpeckers and wrens! also owls come out at night! I'm a bird watcher...can you tell!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture... a bit off-putting perhaps just as you are about to bite into your fresh baked bun though.

MrsSki said...

I wish I could bowl for free all summer!

Why in the world would the dog poop guy decide to park outside of the grocery? It doesn't seem like it would be the best location to draw in customers.

All this to say, I never even knew a service like that existed!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Well, there you go with another fabulous idea for me as usual.

My pastor and his wife came over for dinner last night and were complaining about the bear poo piles in their yard. They are new to Alaska and still in the adjustment stage. Poor people. Wait till the ravens steal the groceries from the back of their truck before they even leave the parking lot.

My Jeep shall now read Bear Poo Removal and underneath that Grandma Tillie's Bakery.

Boy am I glad I stopped by!

mom x 2 said...

I have the same problem with laundry, well, not exactly. I don't like to do it at all. Plus it is NEVER done.

Have fun in Texas !

Lucy and Ethel said...

You'll be near our old stomping grounds of Fort Worth! Eat some Mexican food for us :)

AND you will be close to where Ethel and her family will be on her big adventure!

Woo-hoo to the free bowling! And merit badges! And 7/8 of the birds!

If you'd come to NC, your Boy Scout could get that last bird and then some. Does it matter whose field?!?!?

Have a great trip!


Crazee Juls said...

If you're going to White Sands-- You might as well, stop in Ruidoso NM--fun resort village where my family frequently vacations. Neat shopping. But it sounds like you have a full road trip planned. It gets really hot at White Sands--but it's so beautiful and worth it. I suggest taking the sunset walk-- later in the afternoon ...It's really cool watching the sun set out there. And bring a lot of water! Okay, sorry--- I know I'm a complete stranger full of "do this and do that's" but it's late, and I get chatty. Whatever you do, I hope you have fun!

Lawyer Mom said...

I can definitely help you travel-plan in the big D. Shoot me an email!

Evansmom said...

I have a boy scout too - the merit badge (family life, I assume) didn't mean I didn't have to remind him about chores either. What is he going to do for the project to benefit the family? (AKA a way to get something done around the house!) What rank is your scout?

We can't put our clean laundry in a basic as the cat takes that as an invitation to take a nap. All of ours remains on shelves in a laundry room. My son looks there before looking in his room.