Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shopping for Wednesdays

I am shopping. Right here. Right now. That giddy news is enough to make me weak in the knees (or that could simply be my 10 minutes of 30 Day Shred. Yes, 10 minutes. I'm practicing portion-control in all things.) Shopping! No teen daughter to grimace at each item I choose. No middle-school boy to groan should I unthinkingly take his hand. No 9 year old to chant, "I need a pretzel. I need a pretzel." No 7 year old to announce ad nauseum , "This is boring. This is dumb."
Oh yes. I'm shopping but I'm shopping with you all!

What's on the list today?
Weight Watchers' recipes for ground turkey? "NO!!!" come the cries of my family. "Any more ground turkey in a week would constitute abuse!"

The brown leather furniture I would look so good sitting on? No sadly.

The new fridge which is surely going to be needed soon? No.

The new sinks for the bathroom which will accent the new paint which will go up after the wallpaper will finally come down which may never happen at the rate I'm traveling? Um, no.

The scale which only weighs up to 10 100 1000 pounds? Not in this lifetime.

The housekeeper who probably desperately would like to clean my house each week gratis? No? Excuse me while I openly sob here.

What I AM shopping for is a meme, a blog carnival, an idea to make Wednesdays more exciting around this Wednesday-empty computer. I've heard of Wordless Wednesdays and Almost Wordless Wednesdays, but is there anything else out there? Something scintillating. Something captivating. Something...okay, really now, pretty much anything?


claudia said...

Well...Wednesday being my "Monday" needs something. I am idea-less. (I was going to say thoughtless, but that I am not) If I think of anything by the end of the day, I will certainly come back and let you know.
As you can see by my silly blog, I have no themes. I just ramble on. I am in awe of those of you who put effort into your blogs.

I Am Woody said...

How about Wednesday Whoppers? You can tell us about the biggest whopper you ever told or your kids told or a student told, etc

As Cape Cod Turns said...

One week I tried to start What the F Wednesday when something incredulous happened.
I think it would be easier for you to go shopping for a new outfit! :)

Mental P Mama said...

I got nuthin'. Tell me more about the shred.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Wednesdays, in general, suck huge donkey balls. So whatever you come up with will be great!!

I have leather furniture. ;)


Busy Bee Suz said...

A hump day of sorts? I would love to have something to blog about on Wednesdays too. but instead, I will sob because I am also my own housekeeper.
Maybe YOU can come up with something???
Hump day helpers???

Checkered said...

Tall order.

Well, lets see what Wednesdays have been to date for so many others. Hump Day, Prince Spagetti Day, Prayer Meeting, full of Woe (for Wednesday's Child, anyway). Perhaps Prayer Meeting was born out of Wednesday's Child's woe. OK, I think I've typed the word Wednesday enough now.

betty said...

I've seen Wednesday haiku, Way back When-sday when you post a picture from the past and then tell about it. but I'm clueless to come up with one to suggest you start.

love the entry; if you ever find one of those housekeepers, clone her and send me one, okay??

enjoy the day :)


Mary Ellen said...

I enjoy your blog so much, I'll love whatever you come up with, I'm sure.
My only suggestion is to keep with the letter W about...
Wishful Wednesdays
Wacky Wednesdays or
Wistful Wednesdays or
Whimsical Wednesdays or
Watchful Wednesdays (we could all post pictures of people we're stalking. Wait. That might not be a good one after all....)

Unknown said...

What the Heck Wednesdays are always fun...but whatever you decide on, I am sure we will follow!!!

Decadent Housewife said...

Wannabe Wednesday. And we could all highlight what we wannabe when we grow up.

Lucy and Ethel said...

Get a new computer (preferably an iMac with the very latest OS) and a new printer that arrives without a compatible driver and bring them both HERE... and you'll have posts for the next gazillion What the $#*(@&@%^ Wednesdays.

I promise.

I also want to know what the Shred is....


Betty W said...

Yeah, once you announce it, I´ll join.
I am clueless right now. Sorry.

Jen said...

Wash Day Wednesday-
you can share all your "dirty laundry". ha.

Loui♥ said...

Hello all!
I have two very favorite Wednesday blogs:
Outdoor Wednesday by Susan at
and Waterside Wednesday at
both are amazing!
♥smiles from Denver on a cold, wet, rainy-possibly snow Monday!