Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Good Life

Her master says there are very clear parameters governing where Pepper may and may not be.

The other people who live in the house are a bit more indulgent.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

LOL! I had a dog once that I could not keep off the hood of my car. Who rules who?

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why my dog - when the house alarm mistakenly goes off - cowers in a corner? I could see if she were a Maltese, but she's a Boxer. I swear!

Stopped in from SITS!



Big Hair Envy said...

Our dog is not allowed on the furniture. One evening this week, Cool Breeze & Snow White were goofing around in the living room. The dog was too lazy to walk around BEHIND the sofa to see what was going on, so he just put his front paws on it and peered over at them!! We all laughed, and he got down!!!

BTW - You could have come to my place for Thanksgiving, and you would NOT have had to get dressed ON Thanksgiving. We celebrate on Friday!!! Next year?

claudia said...

In this house it seems the dogs are the masters, and there are clear parameters as to where we should be and not...oh yes, and how often we get up to open and close the doors to the backyard!

Mental P Mama said...

Dogs rule. The end.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I like the waY pepper thinks...a nice sunny spot where you can SEE all that is going on around you. Cute.

Lucy and Ethel said...

Did I ever tell you about our 5-day dog named Pepper from years ago? She looked a lot like your Pepper. Her original family thought she needed a big yard, which we had, so we agreed to take her. Sweet girl... until we left her alone in the house. The final trick was gnawing a window pane trim to the glass, trying to escape.

Funny thing (now) is that another big black lab-ish dog somewhere in the neighborhood. When 'Pepper' broke out of an opened window a couple of days before the gnawing routine, someone mistook her for the neighbor's dog and PUT HER IN THEIR HOUSE!!!

Yep, it's funny. NOW.

Pepper went back to her former family after 5 long, $$$ days.


T said...

She's having herself a moment isn't she!

T said...
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Reddirt Woman said...

My girls go wherever I am. Couch or bed, doesn't matter. Of course being mini schnauzers they don't shed so if there were any places that were off limits they could go there and never leave a trace. They are allowed any where children could be... if I had children. Just posted a bed post this morning.

Like MPMama said... dogs rule.

Nancy C said...

That's hilarious.

betty said...

too cute!!!