Friday, August 20, 2010

FF: Technical Difficulties

~My son and I spent Thursday afternoon assembling his new bike in an attempt to impress the most mechanical Mr. Checkered.  What did we learn?  That it really is possible to install a tire backward.

~Blogger has begun to hide several of the blogs I thought I was following.  Has it become like Facebook and bloggers are now able to drop me? "That Caution! When she finally gets around to commenting, the comments makes no sense.  I'm kicking her off my followers list!!"

~I don't know how I really feel about the practice of bloggers who are so gracious in replying to every comment.  It's sweet, but I wouldn't feel bereft if they didn't always respond.  How do you feel about that?  Okay, I see you nodding.  Does that mean I should begin to comment on your comments?  I could. Maybe.

~I also need to find some new blogs to read.  Well, they don't really have to be new...just to me.   Got any suggestions?

~After serious thought, I have opted to grade essays the old fashioned way this semester.  I will hold each one, use colorful ink to encourage writing growth, and I will add a sizable comment with each letter grade. Then I forget to wash my hands prior to eating and will give new life any germs living on those essays and my hands.

~My middle son went to a Lego robotics camp this week and had a grand time.  What a bright group of kids!  On the first day I realized there would be significant competition there when I overheard the kids saying things like:
"Of course Alaska's greatest natural resource is..."
"Echo location works really well with these robots"
"I really enjoyed that exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum."

Now this same son moves on to a hunter's safety course.  Honestly?  The attraction of hunting is completely lost on me. (Admit it! That's not where you thought my comment was headed. Did you?)

~I will admit that hunting maybe doesn't belong in a technical post.

~And lastly: justice!  The woman ahead of me in line at the customer service desk yesterday told the clerk her problem, and then took a phone call.  "Oh hi! Nice to hear from you.  Nothing much.  Just at the store...."  Meanwhile, the annoyed clerk immediately stopped working on the woman's issue and said, "Next in line!!"  I was next in line!  When I left, the woman was still chatting, but had begun to look a little confused as to why her problem hadn't been resolved.

Now here are the lunch tables I've chosen to sit at today.  Want me to scooch over so you can join us?

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Busy Bee Suz said...

I only sometimes kinda maybe respond to comments. usually only if someone poses a question.

A backward tire? Love this.

Blogger is trying to help you perhaps? Sometimes I feel like I have too many blogs to read, but I never feel this way with you. Never.

I am scared about your grading practice. That is a lot of germs for one gal.

Hunting? yuck.

Have you read PJ yet? She is will like her, promise.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I've started to respond to comments more than I used to.

Not a fan of hunting. Even the men in my house are.

Only you would get a tire to fit backwards on bike!

Enjoy your weekend!

I Am Woody said...

Yes, definitely scooch over!!

Try reading about the exciting life of my friend, Kristin. She is from my hometown and now works as a travel writer. And she goes EVERYWHERE! Plus she is an excellent writer:)

I Am Woody said...

I guess you need the blog address.
Her latest entry is from her honeymoon in Borneo:)

Nancy C said...

I know! I feel like if I stopped commenting on comments, I would be able to shower more often.


Also, I shudder to think of the germs exchanged over the years with my graded paper exchange.

Together We Save said...

You installed the tire backward?? Sounds like something I would do!!

So you mentioned looking for something new to read? Well stop by... I am very exciting!

Unknown said...

I never started commenting on comments, so it isn't an issue for me. I write for the release, not for the comments.

Hunting...never done it nor did I have brothers...Phil ws the only person that was remotely interested in hunting and we all know how that worked out.

I would have put the wheel on backwards too. Ed would have done it correctly though because he builds all the bikes at Walmart. Lots of practice.

I would have loved Lego Camp.

I prefer to have papers graded on the old skool way. It's more personal and I learned more.

claudia said...

Do I commenttoo much? I think I don't comment every time. I don't know...
I work in retail. I provide excellent customer service. When a customer comes up to the counter with purchases and then proceeds to talk on thier cell phone, I interupt them. "Did you find everything you needed?" "Do you have an Ace Rewards card?" "Will that be all for you?" "Nine Thousand three hundred and sixty two dollars and 49 cents." "Oh! You were listening to me!" "Sorry, that was $39.56."

Mental P Mama said...

I respond sometimes. But I really don't think we need to....oops. Ended in a preposition. I guess I get a C.

betty said...

I rarely comment back to a comment but I know lots of people who do. I think it is sweet to do and probaby of good manners; I tend to try to remember to comment in my comment on their blog if they asked a question about something I wrote but that can be hit and miss too based on my memory (LOL)

have a great weekend!


Betty W said...

I agree with most on your commenters. I don´t reply to every comment I get. I have a life. :) But if a question is asked or if I feel I need to explain something I do reply.

Matty said...

I don't reply to every comment. It depends on who it is, what they said, what I wrote about, and if they asked a question. But no, I don't reply to every single one, and I'm not offended if others don't reply to me.

I could easily install a tire backwards. Me and mechanical things do not get along well.

unmitigated me said...

I sometimes reply by email to comments. I am not in the habit of going back to someone's post to see if they replied that way to what I comment on. Just a preference. And I am always delighted to hear someone enjoyed an exhibit at The Henry Ford, because I work there!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I'll gladly sit by you :) The question is, do you want to sit by me?! LOL

I don't reply to comments as a rule, but I do love comments and am pleased as punch to have someone new come along and say hi.

LOoking for new blogs, huh? Goodness, my google reader has about 1000 blogs on it - ones I scroll through, ones that I read daily, ones that have great photography and crafty things. If you have a subject you'd like to read more of, I can give you a little list.

Have a great day!
Kristin - The Goat

Doreen McGettigan said...

I do try to comment on every comment. At least the meaningful ones. I do not comment to I stopped by from such and such please follow me back. I find that so rude. I put my heart and soul and a lot of tears into writing a book and I would at least like them to mention that they actually looked at my blog. I try to visit each one for at least 5 minutes before I decide to follow. It is hard to keep up but I do try!
Have a great week!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I am totally with you on this one: ~After serious thought, I have opted to grade essays the old fashioned way this semester. I will hold each one, use colorful ink to encourage writing growth...

I grade only in PURPLE! And although I have tried to grade with Track Changes, it is just not the same as handwriting my own comments.... I like the personal touch much more!

Lawyer Mom said...

When was your trouble with blogger?

I had crazy trouble on Friday and so did another blogger (whose blog is hosted by blogger). We couldn't post, couldn't leave comments, etc. The error message said "Bad Request 404" or something. Weird.