Friday, January 28, 2011

Landing on the Positive Side

I am highly annoyed this week. And rather than keep all those annoyances to myself, I'm going to be gracious beyond measure and share them with you.

-Of all the sounds I cannot tolerate, open-mouthed chewing is the worst. It's so bad that I dream of duct-taping any offender. With that in mind, imagine this: I have a student this term who sits in the front row and chews her gum as though she means to kill it. Open-mouth gum chewing. Loud. Juicy. Distracting enough that I try to make eye contact with her as a means of shushing her. But every time I try that, she smiles sweetly and continues right on smacking away.

-Next on my list of annoyances would be driving on the newly snowy driveway without first shoveling. I always try to shovel two little tracks at least if I don't have time to shovel everything first. I despise the packed snow/ice effect of not shoveling.

-Sit-ups. Hate 'em. My lower back says it will file for divorce if ever again I try one.

-Cool kids and the power each of my children gives them.

STOP!! I can't continue this way. By nature, I am a glass half-empty thinker but by choice I am a glass half-full thinker, so I've got to turn this post around.

-The student has a wonderful attitude and if I talk louder during my teaching, I will hear her gum-chewing less.

-Chemicals work fairly well on the packed snow tracks on the driveway.

-Instead of sit-ups, I've been doing leg raises. I lie on my back and raise my legs to a 90 degree position. Then I slowly lower them almost to the floor and then start all over again. YES! My stomach is sore and that is GREAT news.

-I happen to think my kids ARE cool. Someday they will believe me.

AND now for bonus positive material:

My 11 year old son casually announced that he will be wearing a moustache to church on Sunday. He said it as though we were discussing a nice shirt or pair of shoes. I will surely post a picture when that happens.
What annoys you AND what do you do to compensate?
Time to go visit Mrs. 4444's. She can fix any annoyance.

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Cranberry Morning said...

I've always been a glass half full, but now that you listed your annoyances, I'm really in a bad mood! LOL

By the way, I once met this cute couple (the guy was especially cute!) and we had dinner with them. He ate like (I was going to say 'a cow,' but that would be unfair to the cow). It's amazing how UNcute he became in just a few minutes!!! Parents, please teach your kids some manners. It will help them all through life!

Okay, I'm in a better mood now. :-)

T said...

So with you on the gum smacking issue!

As for the cool kid issue…..well, you know where I stand on that whole thing. I hope your chicks will realize that they are just as cool!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I am right now smacking my gum and blowing bubbles in your honor. LOL I once gave my mom a piece of gum while we were in the car together and she popped and snapped her gum and then said with a bright smile - Gum just isn't fun if you can't make some noise! I grew up not allowed to have gum, my mother never chewed gum that I was aware, so to have her say that was completely out of character. I loved it.

I spit out my gum when I'm in public because I can't be quiet with it LOL I have issues.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I also think your kids are cool...and I want a photo of the mustache on Sunday!
I am a gum chewer, but I never ever have my mouth open. I would insist she spit out her gum in your class....oy.
I know certain people who EAT with their mouth open. I avoid meals with them at all costs.

Unknown said...

My teenage daughters messy room with clothes all over the floor annoys me.

I'm TRYING to just close the door and not look, but it's HARD!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Okay - you win! BEST FF's I've read so far! And I agree with you on the annoyances!

Claudya Martinez said...

Love the way you flipped your attitude.

I think the mustache idea is awesome.

annies home said...

sure to be a funny site when your young man shows up in a moustache should create for a light mood

Laura~peach~ said...

i consider myself blessed when i just have a glass... and I have duct tape for when around you cause IF i have gum i smack it... and pop it and ... I am so sorry lol... love the idea of a mustache on you 11 yr old ... such creativity!!

Laura~peach~ said...

i consider myself blessed when i just have a glass... and I have duct tape for when around you cause IF i have gum i smack it... and pop it and ... I am so sorry lol... love the idea of a mustache on you 11 yr old ... such creativity!!

Bill Lisleman said...

gum crewing in class? The school will not enforce no gum during class?
I say if the glass looks half empty then get a smaller glass.

Unknown said...

That has been my mantra for the past year...make happy not angry.

There are so many things that I could get annoyed at and do...but I choose to live in happiness and I refuse to let anyone steal it...annoyed or not...angry or not...happiness is so much more beautiful!

Loved this post. It spoke volumes.

Yes, your kids are the cool ones. I know coolness when I see it.

mimbles said...

I hate gum, can't chew it myself as it makes me feel nauseous and can't stand my kids chewing it near me. But, if I don't let my 13 yr old have gum he chews on little bits of plastic like a piece broken off a straw or something. And that is way worse. So he has gum. *sigh*

(It's a coping mechanism for him to help deal with anxiety, I figure it's pretty harmless in the whole scheme of things.)

I'm so glad I don't have to deal with snow :-)

Cyndy Bush said...

I am kind of easily annoyed, unfortunately. My youngest son chews his food with his mouth open, loudly. I remind him every.single.meal. not to do this. And every.single.meal he does it. I guess I'm a glass half full kinda girl because I still hold out hope that one day, he'll remember to shut his mouth!

Coby said...

Okay, the mustache thing is absolutely hilarious? Where is he going to get a mustache? Can he grow one, or will he need to borrow your mascara?

I, too, hate open-mouth chewing. My kids are FINALLY getting better at this. What I really, really, really detest? Whistling. Makes my skin crawl. And one of my sons has learned how to do it. This sounds terrible, but I told him he can only whistle outside. Mean Mommy.

Mrs4444 said...

I think you should say to the student, "You know...If you close your mouth, that noise will go away..." JK That would drive me insane.

I hope this week was less annoying :)