Friday, June 3, 2011

I've got some things I need to say!

Whew!  It's Friday. It's sunny and warm. And it's pizza night.  Things just don't get better than that!

  • My little stick tree was coming along well until a fateful night of heavy rain.  The little stick snapped in half and my electrical tape fix apparently wasn't sufficient.  I can't believe how sad we feel.  I think we'll try one more Forest Pansy Redbud.
  • I decided yesterday about this time that I would like to be skinny.  That desire was thwarted later by the need to finish some cherry chocolate ice cream (but only in the interest of cleaning out the freezer, of course.)
  • About the same time I decided to be skinny, I was helping enhance my hair color.  Have you ever had a panic moment where you KNEW your hair was going to turn out mustard yellow?  No, I haven't either.
  • My youngest son thought about how busy he would be today with a party and field day at school and asked if he could use deodorant.  He came back out of the bathroom and proudly said he had put a lot on - all down his back.
  • Let us hope he doesn't need first aid as a result since I am the one manning the first aid booth at field day.    Please pray that no one bleeds or throws up today, okay?
  • Here is youngest son wearing his new accessory.  His joy is pretty obvious, don't you think?

  • Did you hear about the couple in Canada who picked up two hitchhikers?  One of the guys thumbing was Bono. Can you imagine? It seems that Bono and his friend got caught in a rainstorm during a walk.  And, yes, the couple who picked them up got free concert tickets.
  • Have you ever had a famous person encounter?  I don't think I have, and I don't know if I am good with that news or not.
  • The closest I ever came to a famous person encounter was meeting Mrs. 4444's last summer.  Bono can't hold a candle to her!

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Laura~peach~ said...

love the glasses... he will too when he gets used to seeing things clearly LOL...
did not hear about bono but how cool is that!
wont discuss hair color issues lol
and happy Friday to you...

Cranberry Morning said...

Sorry to hear about your little tree. Do try again. I love Redbuds. We can't grow them here, but I remember that I saw tons of them in southern Pennsylvania, near Gettysburg and they were so pretty that I came home and looked up shrubs in my book to see what they were. I think they're zone 4 or greater.

And I can totally identify with the idea of eating something to get rid of it. LOL

Hope you have a great weekend and that everyone's safe and has a good time!

I Am Woody said...

I still stand by my motto to never pick up hitchhikers. I've watched WAY too many police shows...

Bill Lisleman said...

You got to meet that groovy girl Mrs. 4444? Was it at Halloween?
Did you see her latest video?
Interesting Bono story - I didn't hear that one. I got to eat dinner with a Noble prize winner physicist once.

Unknown said...

I am also on the "get skinny" thing, and I am forgoing pizza even though I have earned enough points for three free pizzas from Papa John. THATS HOW MUCH I LOVE PIZZA.

Hair coloring bloopers would love the color my eyebrows turned out, along with the surrounding area of the face.

HA! What is it with boys and deoderant! My son started sneaking his dads deoderant in second grade!!

I love the glasses...

I wouldn't pick up any hitchhiker, not even Bono.

Famous people? I used to see John Wayne all the time because we lived in the same seaside town in CA. He and my husband had the same oncologist, so towards the end we saw him quite frequently. So down to earth.

Then one day, I went to a midweek matinee, and there were only a few people in the theatre. A hand reached into my popcorn and said "do you mind sharing?" It was Joey Bishop! I about died.

Oh wait.....this isn't my blog! Sorry ;)

Checkered.loves.Caution said...

Gordie Howe, it was December, in Kroger with my father-in-law. I was excited like a school girl.

Prairiemaid said...

When I was a waitress....a few decades ago, I waited on Chill Wills, Loretta Lynn and Marty Stuart....It was Rodeo Week! (They were all very nice...not great tippers, but nice.) ;)

Hope you get a redbud to do grow! Love them.

Enjoy the pizza! Skinny can wait 'til after the weekend.


Ellen aka Ellie said...

Hm, I was mighty sweaty on the treadmill this morning. I wonder if I should use some antiperspirant on my tummy and thighs! Perhaps around my hair line...?

Happy Friday, fragmented or not!

Mental P Mama said...

You are so funny! And I have a Bono story, too. New Year's Day, about 6 years ago, he was hitchhiking near my house in Westport, CT. I didn't pick him up, but my sister in law almost did because she thought it was him! Then we found out he ended up at our favorite local hangout and had a bloody mary and a salad! And called a taxi to take him to the train! He's quite the vagabond. Apparently.

Mental P Mama said...

PS- The the back deodorant technique work? My back sweats something fierce......

claudia said...

I stood in line behind Clint Eastwood YEARS ago when he was making a movie in the town I lived in. He was buying choclate milk!!!! He turned to walk out of the store and smiled at me...all I did was blubber. Oh Man! What a missed oppotunity that was!
I love those glasses! They are very classy!
Sorry about the little tree. Give it another try.
I am always having to eat food up to clear out the fridge. I couldn't let it go to waste (waist) after all!

Karen and Gerard said...

The cherry chocolate ice cream sounds just yummy!

I take it your boy is not happy wearing glasses. Hope he gets used to them because they really help a lot!

Stopping by from FF.

qandlequeen said...

Oooh! Genuine jealousy for meeting Mrs. 4444's!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

We also had field day yesterday. Can I just say that after spending the last 10 minutes of the day in a classroom full of 4th graders who'd been running around outside all day, I REALLY appreciated your son's foresight, even if he was a little overzealous!?!

Amy said...

You met Mrs. 4444s in person?! I'm totally jealous.

Hope the hair and the first aid duty turned out ok.

Mrs4444 said...

I soooo wish you lived in California so that I could add seeing you to our itinerary.

This weekend, I caved to the realization that I have no more excuses for not exercising (School's out!), so I actually went for a walk and did some push-ups today. Woohoo! Three weeks already?! You must have been busy living a life :)

I did get to shake Oprah's hand once at her show; I'll never forget it, as she seemed incredibly sincere. Other than that, I also met a comedienne once, at Chuck E Cheese's. I think her name was Careful (or something like that)Heehee

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Does it count that Sarah Palin was in our tiny little town's 4th of July parade? She in front of us, I waved to her and she waved to me. Yes, she is as beautiful in person as she appears on TV!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I have met a few famous folks and it's been fun. My favorite thing though, is that we are family friends with a local morning radio personality. She and my sister are the very best of friends. She comes to parties and events that we have (in MI) and in whispered tones we always get.."Is that so and so? How do you know her?"

I was on my bed this evening, on my back, lifting my pillow high in the air and back down again. I considered that exercise!

I've never colored my own hair, I watched my mother turn her hair green one day. I was frightened for life.