Thursday, August 28, 2008


Tonight is my first night of classes.  What that means is that I spent last night scouring my class lists to see if I will be working with any students I've taught previously or any students I might know outside of class.  My daughter doesn't understand this.  She doesn't see the knots in my stomach as I look at those lists and wonder if the student named Jones is related to the Jones student who went to second base with his girlfriend -- during my class.  Or maybe this Jones student is related to the Jones student who failed to attend class at all after midterm and then was outraged that he failed.  Then again, this Jones student might be related to the Jones student who got caught plagiarizing and then tried to convince me he wasn't the guilty party because he had hired someone else to write his paper.  Then again, maybe this Jones student is related to the Jones student I loved, and I live in fear that the second time around won't be as great.

So I looked over the list, and there it was.  Sue Jones.  The worse case scenario:  a former friend.  No trouble went between us, but the friendship just kind of died when our lives went in slightly different directions.  I've run into her a few times since, and it was awkward.  Now she is in my class, and I am not jumping up and down celebrating.

This morning my boys received their letters from school telling them who their teachers are for this year.

Two of the boys will work with teachers our other children have worked with in the past.  These teachers are beloved to our family.  Just beloved.  I even sent the Superintendent of Schools a letter once about how much I loved those teachers.

So when the letters arrived, I was certain those very same teachers must be doing the dance of delight knowing they would have yet another chance to work with Caution Flag's children.

Then I thought about how I cringe when I see a familiar name on the roster.  What are my boys' teachers really thinking right now??

Irony?  I think so.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hummmmm sometimes being an only perfect person like me is LOL ok i jest... I do recall martha complaining about teachers who said OH YOU ARE CORYS SISTER HUH... cause with him this coudl either be really good or really bad LOL.
hugs Laura

Mental P Mama said...

I had no idea that teachers had the same pre-school anxiety! Good luck!

Big Hair Envy said...

Hold your chin up high and don't let the past cause an anxiety attack! YOU are the teacher.... Heehee!

Anonymous said...

You know what those teachers are thinking?? They are thinking... WOW! That Caution sends the best letters and they sure do make me happy! And then they are thinking, the heavens have smiled upon me for I am a blessed woman. (Enough BS? Ok, go on, read your list now, I just thought I would try to make you feel a tad better and laugh too!)

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Hehehe..I have a girl in one of my classes that I know the teachers are thinking oh crap, not her. I know this because we, us students, have all said this when we see her walk in.

Kori said...

Just wanted to say thanks for visiting yesterday. Love your blog. And I wouldn't worry to much about those teachers there probably thrilled.

Jeannelle said...

Good point you make connecting the two situations! I hope your own class gets off to a smooth start, and I agree with others above that your kids' teachers are probably happy to see members of your family in their classes again!