Friday, May 14, 2010

FF: Questions

What did I receive after shipping off my half of a garden swap?  Nothing...yet...

Did I love winning the blog giveaway for coupons for free yogurt?  Well, yes.  And when I realized I had won more than coupons, well, life was grand!  I do wish I could remember which blogger hosted the giveaway.

Do I say /koo-pons/ or /kyoo-pons/?  It would be the latter.

Did I survive my first 24 hours of driving the truck around town?  Yes, with the exception of one narrow experience in the Tim Hortons drive-thru.  I will NOT reveal which of us was maybe too wide.

Did my son turn in his school pictures without ever showing them to me? Yes.

Do you suppose it's ironic that the Ti plants my mom and I have which are purported to bring good luck have never sprouted?

Did I fool anyone this week?  Yes.  Pickiest eater in the world was easily convinced that the pineapple in the meatloaf was bread crumbs.  And yes, he ate it all.

Did aforementioned picky eater have a bad day at school? You be the judge: his pants completely split up the back when he bent over.  Had he been wearing underwear, it might not have been so bad.

Where do I go every Friday?

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CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Wow. What an adventure.

Just visiting from New Friend Friday

Deb said...

Glad you like the goddess yogurt gift packet.....You won it over at my blog. Good to know it was well received :)

Happy Friday!!

One Photo said...

I love your update on life posts, they are always hilarious. What exactly inspired you to hide pineapple in your meatloaf? I clearly have to get more inventive with my Mac & Cheese fixated three year old.

Decadent Housewife said...

It's Kewpons.

Mental P Mama said...

Kewpons here, too. Nice present!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You win so much stuff you can't remember where you won it? Jealous.
Split pants? Good a/c in the summer...right?
Pineapple in meatloaf? Or was it really bread crumbs. I am so confused.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I shouldn't be laughing, but I am .. trousers split and he was butt naked underneath? Oh dear!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Yeah, I can't get over the pant splitting, commando going boy. Does he have any new knicknames at school because of this?

Pineapple in meatloaf? Hmmm.

Nice sunshiny summer background!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh My Goodness!
I bet he doesn't go commando anymore! :)

Letherton said...

From FF
Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already.
I have lots of great giveaways going on.
Thanks :)

mimbles said...

My youngest had a pair of pants split at school this week too, but he was wearing undies.

"Koopons," with an Aussie accent ;-)

Nicole @ said...

Cracking up at the split pants. SHA-HAAAME! lol.

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day! Don't worry you knew good stuff about Trinidad :-)

Cyndy Bush said...

You're the only person I've ever met besides myself and my late ex MIL, who puts pineapple in their meatloaf! it's yummy!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Never ever heard of pineapple in meatloaf! And I hate when I split my pants- undies or not!

Michelle said...

Great to have you join my blog! Growing up I was always called a "caution!"

Not sure why. They would always say that whenever i made a joke or did something funny! I always thought caution meant "stay away!"

Well, no matter, I don't intend to do that with your blog!

Nice to "meet" you!

Julie said...

I'm sorry you haven't recieved your garden swap goodies yet. I didn't save who had who but if you'd send me the info I'll send out a reminder just in case something came up.
I love the split pants and no undies, how embarrassing.
I love reading and seeing what's happening in your part of the world. Thanks for always sharing such goodies.
Take care and have a great and blessed afternoon.